Is Installing Cydia on iPhone Legal ?

Pangu team has released the Pangu 9 jailbreak tool for Windows and Mac, and a large number of iOS users have already jailbroken their iOS 9 devices. However, a lot of users still haven’t jailbroken their devices even though they want to, the sole reason being the confusion whether or not jailbreaking is legal. Well, this is a much disputed topic and has been under a lot of discussion. But the latest changes in copyright acts have changed everything and the confusion has now been cleared after so many years of waiting.

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Talking of the past, jailbreaking was not considered to be illegal. But Apple surely dislikes jailbreaks, which is why jailbreaking causes the user to lose warranty for the device. But is jailbreaking entirely illegal? Well, it isn’t now, as jailbreaking has now been exempted from copyright act. Talking about the in-depth details, it was only the previous Tuesday when the US Library of Congress issued [ext link] some exemptions to the circumvention provision of the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act). Those who don’t know about the provision, it simply makes jailbreaking illegal. However, the Copyright Office has the power to exempt certain practices and products from the provision every three years.

The exemptions made this year are major and grant the users permission to play with any product and modify it for personal use. Needless to say, jailbreaking has also been exempted from the notorious DMCA provision and hence it is now legal. Not only that, but jailbreaking tablets is also involved in the exemption alongside smartphones. It was in October 2012 when the Copyright Office made some exemptions in the DMCA provision. However, The Register of Copyrights didn’t include the term tablet as he considered it to be too broad. Fortunately, The Register has included the term all-purpose mobile computing devices. You can read the full document [ext link] about the new exemptions made in the DMCA provision.

This excellent news has come at a great time, as the Pangu 9 jailbreak has just been released a few days ago, even though the more-recent iOS 9.1 release killed the jailbreak. To know more about jailbreaking, you can visit our iOS 9 jailbreak page. If you want to jailbreak your iOS 9 device rightaway, our easy Pangu Jailbreak tutorial will guide you step-by-step.

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  1. Yeah, come on Apple stop trying to monopolize the market, You act as if your the only ones that have the right to DO whatever we want with OUR devices. If they’re not careful they could be knocked out of 1st place with other great devices coming out on the market these days. Googlecast, as a good example, when my Apple TV breaks down I’m going straight to the store and buy me one of those little gadgets.

    • DAMN RIGHT. I love apple but they are becoming more power crazy than Disney. SCREW WALT AND STEVE. jk they are both brilliant BUT IM PISSED.

  2. This, no offence, should be illegal (only some content)because some things on this is illegal. You can jailbreak it but there shouldn’t be illegal content. I’m sry to say but u should disable these illegal contents.

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