LastLogin – Logs Total Incorrect Passcode Entries

It happens many times that you leave your iPhone on the tablet in your office or your home and you come back a few minutes later just to find that the position of the phone has been changed. But how will you exactly know that someone attempted to unlock your iPhone but wasn’t able to guess the passcode ? Well, it’s very important to know whether someone has been trying to get into your phone, and a new Cydia tweak lets you do that.

Image : LastLogin – Logs Total Incorrect Passcode Entries

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Called LastLogin, the new jailbreak tweak helps you keep track of the number of times someone attempted to enter the passcode on your iPhone but failed to enter the correct code. Let’s check out the features of this new security tweak.


  • LastLogin lets you know exactly how many times someone tried to enter the passcode on your iPhone after you last unlocked it. This way, you will know whether someone touched your phone without your permission or if someone is desperately trying to get a look at your data by breaking into your phone. lastlogin app cydia
  • The tweak keeps a count of the number of times the wrong passcode is entered. The number is displayed at the top of the screen. The more times someone enters incorrect passcodes, the more the count will increase. So when the real owner of the iPhone goes to the passcode screen, they will know exactly how hard someone was trying to unlock the device.
  • As expected, the count text disappears from the Lock screen once the correct passcode is entered and the iPhone is unlocked successfully. Do note that the text will not hide or disappear from the screen until the correct passcode is entered, so an intruder will have to do a hard reboot to get into your phone, which no one would actually do.
  • After installing LastLogin, you won’t get any preferences pane for the tweak, so there are no options to configure. The tweak gets enabled immediately and starts working right after installing. Just lock your screen and try entering incorrect passcodes a couple of times, and you will see that the tweak is working.

Download :

LastLogin is a simple but a really smart tweak for those iPhone users who like to be extra cautious with their device. This tweak will let you know if someone attempts unlocking your iPhone when you aren’t noticing, which will help you keep your device safer. You can download LastLogin for Free from the following repo: The tweak work on iOS 9 and above.

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