Kimoji – Kim Kardashian’s Emoji App for iPhone

The App Store houses a lot of different kinds of apps, and all those apps have their own different uses. Some apps allow you to customize iOS elements or play around with the various inbuilt features of the device, while some of them add more usability to your device. There are apps that help you enjoy your device more. And then there are some apps that are there for no real reason but just to quench the thirst of celebrity fans or to prove that unimportant things also have an existence.

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One such app is the new Kimoji app, which is an unusual app and looks out of place in the iOS App Store. Though it will be loved by Kim Kardashian fans. Well, yes, we are indeed talking about the popular female celebrity. The Kimoji iPhone app is available officially on the App Store and is a mix of emoji and Kim Kardashian-West.

Features :

And yes, the app is a paid one. The Kimoji app, which is only meant for and will only be downloaded by Kardashian fans, costs $2. For the couple dollars, you will be getting some exclusive Kim Kardashian content. Before we tell you what content it is, please take a note that more content will be added soon, and we expect that extra content to come with a price tag too.

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If you are a huge fan of Kim Kardashian and have your PC or Mac or phones full of Kim’s images, videos, etc., then you will surely love the Kimoji app. Basically, this app offers stickers and emoji that are based on Kim and can be used in different types of Messaging apps like WhatsApp, Messages, etc. So whenever you feel like sending a Kim to your friends, you will now have a sticker for it right there!screen322x572_%282%29

You also get a custom iOS keyboard support right inside the messaging app in order to make things easier. This will help you reach the Kim emojis instantly. Just imagine you sending Kim’s attractive figure to your better half when you’re feeling naughty! Well, that’s the kind of thing you could do with this app.

Download :

In case you love the idea of this Kimoji app and do not mind Kim Kardashian-West sitting inside your phone ready to be tapped, you can get this app from the App Store [ext link] right away.

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