Keek Tweak Lets you View Recent Apps in Control Center

Isn’t it great to have shortcuts to our favorite apps at a very convenient and easy to reach place in our iOS devices ? Well, if your iOS device is jailbroken, then you can certainly get such shortcuts with the help of some awesome Cydia tweaks. If you have used the CCMore tweak, you will be aware of what it offers. For those who do not know, the CCMore tweak brings the Quick Launch apps directly inside the Control Center. But if you are not satisfied with that, there is another Cydia tweak which will take things a notch higher.

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Keek is a jailbreak tweak that provides access to the recently launched apps directly from the Control Center. With this tweak, you can easily view your recent apps from the Control Center and interact with them. You can launch the app in full screen and you can close it to go back to the Control Center.

Features :

After installing the Keek tweak, it will add an extra row of app icons at the bottom of the Control Center, just below the Quick Launch apps, exactly where the recently used apps are displayed. Scrolling through the apps is super easy and you can browse through them with a left or right swipe. If you want to open an app, just tap its icon. The app will open up a a preview-mode covering the Control Center and you can interact and navigate through it and return to the Control Center whenever you want by closing it. You can launch the apps in full screen too just by tapping on the upwards arrow button. To exit to the Control Center, just tap the close button. This tweak works on landscape mode on the iPhone 6 Plus .

Image : Keek in Action


The Keek tweak comes with some configuration preferences too which you can find in the stock Settings app. Using this preference pane, you can turn the tweak on or off, set the number of apps displayed per page, and you can also adjust the size of the app icon. The toggles to enable or disable Support QL buttons or Stretch Center. When you enable the former, you can view the Quick Launch apps inside the Control Center itself.keek1

A very good thing about Keek is that it will not function in the Lock screen, thus keeping your personal information secure. The recent apps can be accessed in the Control Center only when you are on the Home screen or any app.

Download :

In case Keek sounds exciting to you, then you can get the tweak from the BigBoss repo in Cydia for $1.99. Free download also possible by downloading it through 3rd party repo’s.

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