JellyLock Unified – Android Like LockScreen on iPhone

One thing that every iOS user needs to accept but not all of them do is that even though iOS can be called the most perfect mobile OS, there are some features in Android that attract the iOS folks. The circular unlock icon on Android Jelly Bean’s Lock Screen is one such feature that many iOS users wish for. The unlock widget offers swipe to unlock as well as swipe to launch different apps.

Image : JellyLock Unified – Android Like LockScreen on iPhone

jellylock tweak

Fortunately, if your iOS device is jailbroken, you can bring the Android Jelly Bean unlock widget to iOS with the help of a popular tweak called JellyLock. Loved by users all around the world, the tweak is customizable to a great extent. Let’s see what it offers.

Features :

  • JellyLock brings the unlock widget from Android Jelly Bean to the iOS platform. It lifts off the circular unlock icon and places it on the iOS Lock screen. JellyLock12
  • With the new unlock icon, users can swipe to unlock the screen and can even swipe to launch the camera or other apps.
  • Up to 6 different apps can be added to the swipe mechanism.
  • A new JellyLock Unified update has been released recently and it brings improvements over JellyLock7 and JellyLock and also is completely compatible with iOS 9.

As for the changes in the latest version of the JellyLock tweak, here’s what’s different:

  • JellyLock is now available to the repo of the developer now.
  • Some people were reporting that while trying to launch the camera, iPod touch 3G (N18AP) devices crashed. This has been fixed, as the device does not come with a camera.
  • The bug that caused the tweak to not start on iOS 5 and iOS 6 due to missing symbols has now been solved.
  • Preferences of the tweak were reportedly failing to fail up on iOS 5, and this has been resolved.

Download :

If you think that the circular unlock button in Android Jelly Bean is really cool, then you can download JellyLock from the repo of the developer. For this, you first need to add to Sources in Cydia. You can open the following link in your iPhone to add it directly to Cydia on your device.

JellyLock Unified is in its beta phase, so do expect some issues and bugs that can cause your iOS device to hang, crash, or misbehave. Issues will be fixed for sure with regular updates, but till then, you can keep using JellyLock and enjoy the new unlock widget that the Android users get.

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