Top 10 – Jailbreak Apps

Those of you that jailbreak their iPhone 5 do it for one main reason – to customize it in ways that Apple doesn’t allow. There are thousands of different apps, tweaks, mods and themes for a jailbroken device, some of which are bad, some are mediocre and some are pretty stunning. Here are the top ten jailbreak apps for the iPhone 5:

1.      Auxo

auxo iphone 5s download ios 7

Auxo is probably the most popular tweak of all times. It replaces the native app switcher with one that is much more versatile. You can easily preview each app or remove them, one by one or all at once.  Also included is a set of toggles, similar to SBSettings that allow you easy access to your most commonly used settings.  Auxo upgrades are free to existing users but new users must purchase the app for $1.99 from the BigBoss repo on Cydia.

2.      Zeppelin

custom carrier icon logo iphone 5s

This is a great tweak for anyone who wants to change their carrier icon and spice up their iPhone a little. It comes with a few pre-loaded icons to choose from but is also supported by other tweaks that let you purchase icons. You can also make your own icon and use that as well. Zeppelin is free to download from the ModMyi repo on Cydia.

3.      ProTube

protube iphone 5 ios 7

ProTube is an application that enhances the YouTube app. It allows you to view and download videos, disable auto play, watch blocked videos or just download the audio from a video, and so much more. It costs $1.99 from the BigBoss repo on Cydia.

4.      Winterboard

Winterboard is one of the most popular themes apps available on Cydia.  It contains a number of different themes that you can utilize, from background wallpaper to font sizes, color schemes and many other themes to change the entire look of your iPhone 5. It’s free to download form the BigBoss repo.

5.      Activator

Activator is a very powerful app that lets you control your gestures, taps and presses. It has tons of built in gestures for you to choose from and you can assign them to any app or feature that you want to. It’s completely free to download from the BigBoss repo.

6.      Barrel

Barrel is a visual app that lets you change the way your iPhone looks. You can turn your icon pages into a cube effect, making swiping and viewing easier. You can choose form 2 separate 3D cube modes and many other settings as well. It costs $2.99 from the BigBoss repo on Cydia.

7.      IntelliscreenX

ios 7 iphone 5s intelliscreenx

IntelliscreenX changes the way your Notification center works for ever. Instead of it being a boring, uninspiring app, turn it into something a lot more useful. You can access the Notification center direct form the lock screen and access your widgets and settings easily. Full integration for Facebook, Twitter, Calendar and RSS feeds is included. It costs $9.99 from the ModMyi repo but you do get a free trial included with this.

8.      Axis

Axis is a lock screen app that gives you access to your apps from the lock screen using grabbers, similar to the camera one. You can add in whichever apps you want and access them with a swipe. It’s a fully configurable app, allowing you to customize it exactly how you want and it costs just $0.99 from the BigBoss repo.

9.      Accentify

Accentify gives you a series of different color schemes to choose form to jazz up you iPhone 5. You get a choice of 14 different color schemes to choose from or you can use the RGB slider in Settings to customize and make your own color. Accentify costs $0.99 from the BigBoss repo on Cydia.

10.  SBSettings

sbsettings iphone 5s

SBSettings used to be the reason that most people jailbroke their idevices and, despite the fact that there are some very similar apps available, it remains a favorite. It allows you quick and easy access to your settings from within any app, without having to exit and then access the settings app. It’s free to download from the BigBoss repo.