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The latest version of Apple’s operating system has just been released but it would seem that all is not as well as it should be. Although there are always one or two minor hiccups with any release, iOS 9.3.2 seems to be causing a problem that is somewhat more serious, at least for owners of the 9.7 inch iPad Pro. A scan through public forums and social media sites reveals that some people are finding their iPads rendered unusable after trying to update.

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The problem appears to be after an OTA update, with some people being faced with an Error 56 message and being asked to connect to iTunes to sort it out. A simple enough task one would think, but the problems are not stopping there. Connection to iTunes is sending the affected devices into a never-ending boot loop, meaning it cannot be used.

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While the problem has not affected all owners of the iPad Pro, there are enough complaints to signify a serious issue, one that Apple is not yet acknowledging. However, they do have a support page [link below] set up for the iTunes Error 56 problem, suggesting that owners “check for hardware issues”, before going on to provide a list of steps for people to follow to get out of the problem.

Steps to Fix iTunes Error 56 :

While these steps will not be of much help to those whose devices have already been effectively bricked, they may help to stop it from happening to someone else

  • Make sure your computer is running the most up to date version of iTunes. The latest version is 12.4 itunes update mac
  • If you are running a third-party security software, check to make sure it isn’t interfering and causing the problem. If necessary, disable it while you update antivirus disable
  • Make sure you are using a genuine iPad cable and that it works properly ipad_lightning_cable_connector

If all of that checks out for you, Apple then suggests that you attempt to update OTA twice more. If you still get the same Error 56 message both times, then you should contact Apple Support for more assistance. While there is no official acknowledgement, either of the Error 56 problem or that some users are losing their devices through it, if enough people continue to complain about it publicly, the Cupertino company will have to provide some kind of official guidance or a fix for it.

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Source : Apple Support

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