iPhone Keeps Restarting – Reboot Loop Fix

Many iPhone owners complain that their iPhone is suddenly Freezing or Rebooting again and again, which has become a recurring problem. Well, if it is a new device, it may still be in the replacement period. Contact the Apple Store from where you bought it and see if you can get it replaced.

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iphone restart problem

But if your phone has passed replacement period or is an older model, then you are stuck with the device. This is an article for all such people.

How to Fix iPhone Restarts :

This problem has been noted predominantly in the older iPhones, like the iPhone 4S or the iPhone 5 series that have been updated to iOS 8.x. Is the hardware incompatible with the OS ? No! It’s not Android, it’s Apple! They do not release anything like that. iPhone 4S runs iOS 8 very smoothly. The problem lies elsewhere then. Here are a few solutions you can use.

Toggle Cellular ON|OFF : 

Sounds strange but turning off cellular data then switching it back on again has solved the problem for many users. It may not work for everyone, but it’s the first thing you should try. Browse to Settings, tap on ‘Cellular|Mobile ‘, and then toggle ‘Mobile Data’ ON | OFF. cellular 4g lte iphone 6 plus ios 8

Restart Your iPhone : 

Push down the home and power buttons together for a few moments until the Apple logo shows up. iPhone will then reboot. power off shutdown

Reset the iPhone :  

Browse to Settings, then go to General, tap on Reset, then choose Reset All Settings. reset_all_settings_ios 9Buggy App : 

The App Store evidently is strong and protected, yet there are some apps which are buggy and could be causing your iPhone to restart. If you are facing the issue after installation of a particular app, then go and delete it. Then reboot the iPhone and sync it with iTunes. This works for many people.

Restore An Old Backup : 

restore from backup itunes

If your iPhone is still behaving the same way, then try this. Connect the iPhone to your computer and start iTunes. Restore from an old backup. In most cases, the issue must resolve by now.

Recovery Mode Plus Restore :

You cannot ask for a better solution. It is really tough to perform if the iPhone keeps rebooting every 2 minutes. Get the timing right and do the following –

  1. Hold the home and power button until the screen blanks out and you see the connect to itunes screen itunes_connect_recovery_screen - connect to itunes
  2. Connect to your device to iTunes, which will detect your iPhone to be in ‘Recovery Mode’.
  3. Now Restore the iPhone. Now you will get a fresh new iPhone to set up again from scratch.

ReiBoot :

This is a good option to solve the rebooting problem without losing any data. You need to download the software on Mac and perform the below-given procedure .

  1. Download ReiBoot and connect the iPhone to the computer. [ Mac | Windows ]
  2. Now run ReiBoot and select “Enter Recovery Mode” in the ReiBoot interface. reiboot-2
  3. Once in recovery mode, select “Exit Recovery Mode” and your iPhone will be forced by ReiBoot to restart.
  4. Hold on a few moments and then your iPhone will reboot and the problem will be solved.

Change Your iPhone’s Battery :

Sometimes battery is the culprit. If all of the above-given options fail to work, you should probably replace the battery of the iPhone.

transparent_battery_wallpaper_iphone (1)

If none of the solutions worked for you, then the situation is really deep and serious. You should take your iPhone straight to Apple Store, where they will bring it out of the reboot loop. For more such tutorials and tips, Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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