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The iPad has proven to be a highly popular iOS device, especially with the release of the newer iPad Pro models. And, like the iPhone, the iPad can easily be jailbroken. Best of all, following the tri-annual meeting of the Library of Congress in October 2015, for the first time ever, it has been ruled that it is legal to jailbreak the iPad as well as the iPhone.

Image : Cydia on iPad

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Some of you will already be sporting the iOS 9.1 jailbreak [ext link], while others will have updated beyond that and are now waiting for the next one – at this stage, we have no news on when or if there will be another jailbreak before iOS 10 is announced in June. There are still others who are running much lower versions of the iOS, right back to iOS 6+, simply because either their iPad does not support higher iOS versions or they are perfectly happy on the lower one.

There are jailbreaks going back to iOS 6 that can still be used on those iPads running the relevant version of the iOS but every jailbreak that has come out to date does support the Apple tablet. It is also known that the iOS 10 jailbreak, when it is released, will also be supported on the iPad.

If you are patiently waiting for the jailbreak, why not put the Cydia App icon on your home screen in the meantime ? It’s easy to do and it gives you access to all the latest news on the jailbreaks. Here’s how to do it:

How to get Cydia Download iPad :

Method 1 : Download Cydia using a jailbreak installer like Evasion, or Pangu . More details about this can be found in this tutorial .

Method 2 : Download cydia app icon directly on your iPad without using a PC or a Mac

  1. Open up Safari browser on your iPad as shown here .how_tocydia_download_ipad_safari3 copy
  2. Go to your favorite search engine and type in “Cydia Download” in the search box without the quotes as shown in the image below. We used google for this tutorial , but you may choose Yahoo , bing , MSN or any search engine you want. cydia_download_ipad_safari
  3. In the results page , find the site with the url cydiaios7.comhow_tocydia_download_ipad_safari2 copy
  4. When you open up the website will see the iPad Only version of the website .
  5. After the page fully loads up Tap at the top of the screen where you see an Up arrow . how_tocydia_download_ipad_safari2
  6. From the options given, tap on Add to Home Screen  how_tocydia_download_ipad_safari4
  7. A message will appear telling you that an icon is going to be added to your Home screen . Name it Cydia Tap on Add how_tocydia_download_ipad_safari1
  8. Now close Safari down and you will see the Cydia icon on one of your home screens how_tocydia_download_ipad_safari0

Video : Below is a video walk through of the process

Note : Please note this is not a jailbreak. It is purely the Cydia app icon and tapping on it will take you straight to latest and future Cydia updates.

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