10 Reasons to Download iOS 9 Right Now

Apple is back with a bang, armed with iOS 9 that it released for in Sept this year. So if you are an Apple user, gear up to witness some exciting new features in your iOS 9 device. Below we have highlighted the Top iOS 9 features that would make you drool and Download iOS 9 [ext link] right away .

Image : iOS 9 Features

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iPad Multitasking :

The new slide-over mode enables you to use another app in a slide-out window without leaving the current app. The split-view mode keeps two apps on the screen at one time. At the moment, only iPad Air 2 will get this feature. The picture-in-picture mode allows you to keep a resizable floating window on top of another app, so you can enjoy watching a video or chatting with friends while performing other tasks.


Switching between apps

The app switcher gets a fresh card-like view, which stacks the apps on top of each other instead of side-by-side. This makes it easier to view and switch between open apps. A new back button has been added as a shortcut to a previous app or the Spotlight from another app that you switched to.

appswitcher ios 9


Proactive is an intelligent assistant that monitors your device usage patterns and performs tasks based on your needs. It can add events to the calendar from email invites. It also provides you relevant data when you need it, like telling you to leave for the airport on time when you have a flight.


Siri and Spotlight

iOS 9 also brings in a more intelligent Siri and Spotlight. Now your Spotlight searches bring back more relevant information from more categories. Siri can now perform math calculations and can follow more complicated voice commands.

siri ios 9 ipad


Passbook is replaced by Wallet is iOS 9 with more features. Now you can also store your reward cards, tickets, boarding passes, etc.ios 9 wallet


The Newsstand app has been replaced by the new News app. It’s a Flipboard-like news reader that will bring you stories of your interests. It will feature photo galleries, elegant editorial layouts, embedded videos, and animations too.

ipad news app ios 9

Low Power Mode

iOS 9 is better on power efficiency than the older versions, and it also gets extra one hour of battery life on the iPhone 6. You can use the new Low Power mode to squeeze every last bit of power from your battery. It does so by disabling animations, automatic syncing, etc.


New Notes app

A new Notes app has found its way into the iOS 9, enabling you to create to-do checklists. You also get to sketch and draw notes with your finger, and can also insert images, URLs, maps, and more. iCloud will sync the Notes to your iOS devices.

ipad notes app ios 91-side

Transit directions

Maps finally gets transit directions, so getting directions for subways, trains, buses and ferries is possible now. You get easy step-by-step directions and also the estimated arrival time.

ios 9 maps transit

New iPad keyboard

iPad gets an improved QuickType keyboard, with a built-in shortcut bar. Cut, paste, copy, bold, underline, italics, and other such formatting options are at hand with dedicated buttons.

ipad keyboard ios 9

How to Download and Install :

You can read our full guide on How to Install iOS 9 [ext link] and upgrade your jailbroken device . All iOS 9 Download Links can be found here . If you would like to check out iOS 9.1 beta , without registering UDID , this tutorial is for you .

Useful Tip : Get iOS 9 Features on iOS 8 using Cydia App [ext link]

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