How to Get iOS 7 Features on iOS 6

Now that iOS 7 has been rolled out to the public, it’s up to you to decide if you actually want it or not. While it is the most radical overhaul in the history of iOS, there is no jailbreak for it yet. If you already have a jailbroken device on iOS 6.1.2 or lower, you may not want to upgrade and lose that. You may also have heard that there is a strong possibility of a jailbreak for 6.1.3 and 6.1.4 just around the corner, another reason why you might not want to upgrade. However, despite the fact that iOS 7 contains a lot of new features, many of them are styled on jailbreak tweaks so it is possible to get a feel for iOS 7 on a jailbroken device without actually upgrading. Below is a list of the features and the corresponding jailbreak tweak.

Image : iOS 7 Multi Tasking vs iOS 6.1.3 Jailbreak App Auxo

auso vs ios 7 ulti taskingHow to Get iOS 7 Features on iOS 6.1.3 and 6.1.4

iOS 7 Alternative Apps and Jailbreak Tweaks :

  • Control Center – SBSettings or NCSettings
  • Multitasking – Auxo
  • Photo Filters – Photofilters
  • Live Clock – LiveClock
  • Call Blocking – iBlacklist
  • Background Tilt – Deepend
  • Notification Center on Lock Screen – LockInfo or IntelliscreenX
  • Auto App Updates – Auto app Updater
  • AirDrop – Instashare
  • Unlimited apps in Folders – FolderEnhancer
  • Blurred Background in Notification Center – BlurriedNCBackground
  • iOS 7 Theme
  • iOS 7 Dock
  • iOS 7 Wallpapers

If you have not yet jailbroken your iOS 6 device, you can do so now by following our guide. You can then download all of these tweaks to make your iOS 6 device look just like it is on iOS 7: Control Center The Control Center is a huge leap for iOS even though it is probably one of the original features.  To mimic, as near as possible, the function of the iOS 7 Control Center, download these tweaks:

  • SBSettings – Free on BigBoss Repo
  • NCSettings – Free on ModMyi Repo
  • NC Music Gestures – Free on BigBoss Repo


ipad ios 7 multitasking

While Apple are shouting loud about their newly overhauled multitasking feature, jailbreakers everywhere have already got the same features on a tweak called Auxo. While the tweak looks nothing like the iOS 7 version it works the same, if not better. Another, similar tweak is called CardSwitcher, in fact this one is a bit closer in nature to iOS 7 than Auxo is.

Auxo iPad ios 7

  • Auxo – available on BigBoss repo for $1.99
  • CardSwitcher – available on BigBoss Repo for $2.00

Photo Filters

ios 7 photo filter

Included in the iOS 7 native Camera App are a new set of filters that can be used in-app – this means you can apply them while taking the photos and not afterwards. The best jailbreak tweak to match is called PhotoFilters and its available on the BigBoss repo for $1.00

Live Clock

ios 7 clock

One nice addition to iOS 7 is the replacement of the clock with one that  is updated live. There’s a tweak for that though and it’s called LiveClock. You can get it from repo for free.

Call Blocking

ios 7 block caller unknown (2)

One thing that has always been missing from iOS is the ability to be able to block calls and contacts. iOS 7 has now included this as a standard feature but it has been available to jailbreakers for a while now as a tweak called iBlacklist. It’s available free of charge from the BigBoss repo.

iblacklist ios 7 cydia

Background Tilt

A nice feature of iOS 7 is the addition of a live background effect. It works by tilting the background giving the impression that it is moving. For jailbreakers there’s Deepend, produced by Ryan Petrich, and available on the BigBoss repo for free.

Notification Center on Lock Screen

Lock screen functionality has always been sorely lacking in iOS but version 7 changes that by allowing the Notification Center to be accessed directly from it. However, the jailbreak community have been doing this for some time with no less than 2 separate tweaks.

IntelliScreenX vs iOS 7

  • IntelliscreenX – available on the ModMyi repo for $9.99
  • LockInfo – available on the ModMyi repo for $4.99

Auto App Updates

Up until now you have always had to go into the App store and update all of your apps manually, one at a time. iOS 7 now introduces Auto App updating, with your most commonly used apps being updated first, in the background. Jailbreakers use an app called Auto App Updater, which does exactly the same thing. It can be obtained from the ModMyi repo for $2.99.


AirDrop has been tried and tested on the Mac OS X and for the first time ever makes it way to some devices on iOS 7. It’s a nice easy way of transferring files but jailbreakers can do the same thing with Instashare for free.

Unlimited Apps in Folders


ios 7 folders unlimited

Only being able to hold 12 apps in each folder has always been a bit of a bugbear for those who have hundreds of apps. iOS 7 lets you have as many as you like in each folder, making it easy to catalog and then find specific apps later on. For the Jailbreak community, there’s FolderEnhancer, which does the same thing for just $2.49 on the BigBoss Repo.

Blurred Notification Center Background

ios 7 control centre

As a way of making iOS 7 look even better, Apple has included a feature that blurs the background of the Notification and Control Centers. And yes, there is a jailbreak tweak for that too, its called BlurriedNCBackground and its available on the BigBoss repo for free.

iOS 7 Theme

ios 7 theme cydia

You could go all the way and download the iOS 7 theme for Winterboard from Cydia.  To get it:

  1. Add this repo to Cydia –
  2. Search the repo for iOS 7 theme and download it. If you don’t have Winterboard it will be automatically downloaded with the tweak.
  3. Access Winterboard from your Home Screen and activate the iOS 7 theme.
  4. You can also, if you feel confident or clever enough, do this manually:
  5. Change the font to one similar to Helvetica Neue Ultra using Bytafont – available from the official App store for $1.99
  6. Change the icons using iPhone Explorer. Icons are available here.
  7. Change the keyboard to something similar using the Dashing Keyboard Theme from the insanelyi repo for free

iOS 7 Dock

The iOS 7 dock has been redesigned to match the rest of iOS 7 – flat with no gloss.  There is a Winterboard theme that will give you an iOS 7-like dock, it’s called iOS 7 Dock Theme and its free form the BigBoss repo.

iOS 7 Wallpapers

ios 7 wallpaper

If you want a taste of the iOS 7 wallpapers you can download a tweak called Accelerometer Slideshow Lockscreens from the ModMyi repo for just $1.99.

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