iOS 11 Features

The next generation of Apple’s operating system has finally been announced officially at WWDC 2017. Ignoring calls for the iPhone 8 to be revealed, Apple has stuck to their normal routine of revealing software upgrades and innovations for the future at their annual conference and here’s what to expect when iOS 11 download [ext link] is released to the public later this year.

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iOS 11 Features :

All the iOS 11 features shown during WWDC 2017 event.

  • Drag and Drop

A new dock on the iPad reveals all your most accessed documents and apps for easier and faster access while a newly designed app switcher allows for easier switching between apps that are open, though Split View and Slide Over features. Drag and Drop can be used across the iPad, no matter where you are, allowing you to copy and paste text and pictures easier than before.

  • Files App 

The iPad and the iPhone will have a new Files app that makes access to all documents and files easy, bringing everything from cloud and local storage together in one place

  • Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil is given an update, allowing Instant Notes to be accessed with a tap of the pencil on the lock screen, inline drawing, Markup on Screen shots, in Safari and also works in a number of other apps.

  • Scan and Sign

A new feature in Notes called Scan and Sign makes it easy to scan for a specific document, reduce glare and trim the sides, leaving you to just sign it using Pencil and then print it out

  • iCloud Sync for Messages

Messages are now synced through iCloud, allowing for better continuity across computers and devices

  • Apple Pay

A new iMessage app called Apple Pay Cash allows P2p payments to be made in a message. Siri can also make the payments using the credit and debit card details stored in the user’s wallet.  Payments received can be used in the same way that the user uses their Apple Pay account

  • Messages App Drawer

iMessage Apps and Sticker packs can now be better accessed, instead of being hidden, from a new app drawer at the bottom of the interface.

  • Siri 

As usual, Siri gets a few new features. Machine learning is now applied, allowing Siri to follow a conversation or a question; new translation features allow for translation into many languages and the Siri voices become more natural and human-like.

  • Photo and Camera Apps

New features are always expected on the camera and iOS 11 does not disappoint. Apple has introduced compression techniques that shrink the size of high-quality photos and 4K videos, taking up less space while not taking any quality away. Portrait mode photos can now be taken using Optical Image Stabilization, True Tone flash and HDR and Live Photos also gets a couple of new features.

  • Lock Screen, Control Center and Notification Center Redesign

All get a new design with the control center becoming one single page, in a widget-style with everything laid out for easy access. 3D Touch will bring up more details when used on the page settings. Notification Center and lock screen are merged into a single entity, featuring intelligent rich features.

  • One-Handed Keyboard Control 

At last, we get one-handed control of the keyboard, simply press the Emoji icon and choose One-handed Typing and all the keys will move in nearer to your thumb

  • Apple Maps

As expected, the Maps app receives an update, providing support for indoor mapping in airports and major malls. It will also provide information on lane changes and speed limits

  • CarPlay

Do Not Disturb support is provided for CarPlay, stopping drivers form being disturbed by incoming notifications. The screen will also be switched off and an attempt to turn it on will be met with a warning. However, users can customize DnD to allow specific contacts through

  • AirPlay 2 and HomeKit 

HomeKit gets a speakers feature that integrates with some of the better-known manufacturers of speakers and AirPlay 2 gives you multi-room control using Smart wireless speaker. Apple TV can be set up as a central hub for controlling all speakers connected to it.

  • Social Sharing on Apple Music

Using the new Friends Integration feature, you can see what your friends are listening to at any time. Also, Shazam will now automatically add a song to your Apple playlists and the MusicKit framework is being made available to all developers.

  • App Store 

The App store has been totally revamped and now looks very much like Apple Music. New features include a Daily List section, Game of the Day and App of the Day, along with a dedicated In-App purchases section.

Other Features :

  • New ARKit for developers to include Augmented Reality
  • Metal 2 Framework for graphics rendering
  • Machine learning
  • QuickType keyboard gets a small update
  • Apple News app also gets a small update
  • New Automatic Setup helps users to set up new devices

Release Date and Availability :

While the public version of iOS 11 download [ext link] won’t be released until September, developers can get their hands on the first beta version right now and those registered on the Public Beta program will get their chance later in June

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