iOS 10 Features

Forget the concepts, forget the rumors and forget the speculation. iOS 10 has now been formally revealed at the keynote speech that opened this year’s WWDC in San Francisco and it is most likely one of the biggest updates the iOS has ever seen. Apple announced a number of new features coming to the iOS, with the first iOS 10 beta [ext link] download seeded to developers already. Now begins the work of testing the firmware and getting it ready for public release.

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ios 10 features

iOS 10 Features :

  1. Apple TV Remote App – bowing to customer demand, Apple has provided an Apple TV remote app for the iPhone and the iPad. It will work with touch, Siri, voice to control and uses motion controls for game playing. The on-screen keyboard can be used to enter text.
  2. Automatic App Download across all of your iOS devices. When you install an app on your iPhone the MLB app was used as an example it will automatically be downloaded to your Apple TV
  3. Universal Clipboard – part of Continuity, Universal Clipboard allows text snippets, hyperlinks, and other items copied on one iOS device to be available on all of your iOS devices
  4. Raise to Wake – the iPhone screen will automatically wake when you lift the device, showing you any notifications and updates. The notifications will look different to what they did in the past and you can use 3D Touch to interact with the relevant app
  5. 3D Touch –iphonw iwdgets expanded to include new widgets for apps that mean you don’t need to actually launch the app. Instead, see updates and video highlights on the widget
  6. Siri – The big news is that Apple is finally allowing developers access to the Siri SDK. Apps already supported include RunKeeper, Uber, Slack, WeChat and Skype among others. Siri is also going to be able to make more intelligent suggestions for users, based on their location, their contact information, current availability, addresses and much more besides
  7. Photos App – the photos app will get new features including scene and object detection, allowing for better searching and sorting on your iOS device. All photos that are relevant at any given time will be grouped together, i.e. any of a specific trip, with dogs in the picture, etc. The app will allow automatic editing together of photos from specific events or holidays and a new tab called Memories will provide highlights, location maps and memories
  8. Apple Maps – gets a brand new design and is more proactive than ever before. Predictive stuff will be making an appearance, including maps offering suggestions for nearby restaurants. The user interface is cleaner and traffic information has been included – alternative routes will be suggested in the event of heavy traffic/ Apple Maps will work seamlessly with Apple Car Play and the app has been opened up to developers who can use extensions. This mean you will be able to book taxis, book a restaurant and pay for it and track a booked Uber ride without hang to exit the maps app
  9. Apple Music – is being completely redesigned with a simpler look although the tab will stay the same. Lyrics are being added as a new feature
  10. Apple News – launched in 2015, Apple News is getting a large update, with the interface looking similar to the Music app. In-app subscriptions and breaking news notifications will also feature
  11. Apple Home – ios 10 weathera major new app, Apple Home builds on the existing HomeKit allowing users to manage their connected smart home appliances. HomeKit is now also in the swipe-up control center and can also be accessed on the lock screen. Support for the app is being provided on the Apple Watch
  12. Phone App – Get voicemail transcription, allowing a user to see message that have been received without having to listen. An important addition is that the app will now be able to detect pam calls and label the call as such
  13. Messages – ios 10 emoji a big update including rich links, meaning videos can pay inside of a message. Emoji’s are bigger and Apple is introducing “Emojifiable” words which, when tapped turn automatically to the corresponding emoji. Bubble effects just animations will be made available on Messages and Apple Music is also being integrated into the app. Messages is also being opened up to developers.

iOS 10 Jailbreak :

It’s a bit early to speculate on when we will see an iOS 10 jailbreak [ext link] but, certainly with all the new features, when it is released we should certainly see some interesting tweaks in Cydia iOS 10. Right now the jailbreak teams will be starting work on examining the beta release to see what is available and what can be done

iOS 10 Supported Devices :

ios 10 compatible

As expected the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 will not be supported by iOS 10, but everything else will run the new firmware including:

  • iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, SE
  • iPad 4, 3¸
  • iPad Air, Air 2
  • iPad Pro – both models
  • iPad Mini 2 and up
  • iPod Touch 6 5
  • Plus, all new devices released later on this year

iOS 10 Download :

The first beta has been released to developers already and the public beta program will begin in July 2016 following on from the success of last year. Actual iOS 10 Download [ext link] release will not be until September.

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