InvertRespring – Invert Color for Reboot Screen

If you are an iOS user, you must be well-acquainted with the startup/reboot screen that greets you every time your Apple device turns on. If yours is a white background with a black apple logo on it, there might have been a time when you looked at someone else’s screen with inverted colors and wished you could change yours to that. Typically, white colored iOS devices have a white reboot screen with a black logo on it, and black devices have a black screen with a white logo.

Image : InvertRespring – Invert Color for Reboot Screen

invertspring jailbreak app

While Apple does not give you a choice to invert the colors according to your preference, InvertRespring does ! For all those who wished they could change this minor preset feature, this new jailbreak tweak lets you switch the colors of your reboot screen. It comes solely with this function and while it may not seem very useful to most, it can be rather pleasing for those who have always wanted inverted colors on their boot screen and would like to be able to control this.


  • InvertRespring comes for iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone. With a single function, it will invert the colors of your device as per your preference, regardless of the color of your device.
  • The tweak works on iOS 9 and later, so only devices supporting it will be able to use it. Review-InvertRespring-invert-the-colors-of-the-respring-and-reboot-screen-on-iPhone
  • The function of the tweak is simple and straightforward. There are no preferences options and it begins to work right after it is installed.
  • The change is merely a matter of what a user likes, and does not in any way affect other functions or performance of the device. It is just one of those minor solutions that may not have a major purpose but are pleasant to look at.

For those interested in this FREE tweak that provides a basic and minimal function to suit personal choice, InvertRespring can be downloaded from the BigBoss repo on Cydia. There are no other features of the app, so if you do not want a tweak that does not provide any enhanced functionality, it may not be for you.

Download :

If you would like to play around with more colors, you can invest in another tweak, Boot Logo Customizer, that does not just invert colors but provides various other colorization choices for the screen. It comes with deeper customization that InvertRespring lacks, so if you would like to have more control over your reboot screen and are willing to spend money on it, you can buy Boot Logo Customizer for $1.00 on Cydia. Free download of the given tweak is also possible via 3rd party repo sources.

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