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One of the reasons why iOS stands tall as one of the best smartphone operating system is that it relies of simplicity to look good, and it truly does look very beautiful due to the clean nature of the UI. But, a lot of users who have been using iOS since a long time find the OS a bit boring now as it has essentially remained the same over the years. Of course, jailbreak users could always customize the overall UI by using WinterBoard themes. But what if you wanted to modify only specific elements of the UI and not the whole of it ?

Image : Custom Keyboard for iPhone using iKeys Tweak

ikeys tweak cydia

The classic grey colored keyboard is something that many users wish to modify. And Cydia houses a lot of tweaks that offer customization options for the stock keyboard. But if you want to go one step ahead, you must take a look at the iKeys tweak.

iKeys gives the stock keyboard the extra touch that it needs by providing users with great customization options. Let’s check out its features.

Features :

  • You can give the stock iOS keyboard a major visual overhaul with the iKeys tweak. ikeys1
  • For starters, the tweak gives you all the normal customization options like modifying the color and transparency of the keyboard.
  • But then there is another feature put in by developer orangebananaspy who has included ready-made keyboard presets called “Recipes”. These recipes help you create your own keyboard presets according to your style of personalization. You can even create your own Recipes by using Green Goblin.
  • Once you have installed iKeys on your iOS device, you can buy the several in-app purchases. For $1 per month, you can subscribe to the Recipe Store for regular new keyboard presets. Those who really think the tweak deserves it can get the $10 annual subscription rightaway, which gives you some exclusive and regularly updated premium Recipes.

Download :

iKeys can be downloaded from Cydia, and for those who don’t mind shelling out some money to take the keyboard customization to the next level, the Pro version of the tweak costs $3.50. While many users will think that the price is too steep for a Cydia tweak, iKeys does what it claims and it really feels premium, thus making you feel that the price is worth everything the tweak offers you. The Pro version comes with regularly updates and much more recipes. The tweak is compatible with iOS 8.1 – iOS 9. Free download also possible via 3rd party repo sources.

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