IfFound 3 – Helps Good People Return Lost iPhones

As expensive as our iPhones are, there is no denying the fact that we are very prone to losing them. Forgetting your phone in a restaurant, leaving it at a counter, dropping it somewhere – these are all instances we have experienced at one time or another. If you do lose your phone, there is little you can do except hope that some Good Samaritan will find it and return it to you. Cydia now has an app, IfFound 3, that will help good people do exactly this – bring your phone back to you!

Image : IfFound 3 Helps Good People Return Lost iPhones

iffound cydia app

Usually, lost phones are hard to return because they are locked and making a call is almost impossible. IfFound 3 caters to this problem by adding a “Report Lost” button directly to the lock screen, so it can be pressed without having to unlock the phone. It also provides access to the Control Center, from where the finder can contact the owner through a text message, a call or an email. The best bit is that the finder will not actually see the contact details, but the phone will automatically use the option chosen to contact the owner.iffound-3_2


Here are the alluring features of this extremely useful tweak.

  • The app lets you deactivate or activate the lock screen keypad.
  • It lets you decide whether you want to activate the Control Center remotely, even if you don’t have access to your phone.
  • You can set up the app to send you an email warning if someone else is using your phone after you lose it.
  • It will send you screenshots of what is being done on your phone.
  • Automatically activating the front camera, it will take photos of the finder and email them to you.


The app is an extremely useful one for anyone who wants to secure their iPhone. While it does operate on the hope that someone with a good heart will find your phone and will be willing to return it to you, it still goes without saying that it provides a huge advantage. Even if someone with a not-so-good conscience finds your phone, IfFound 3 lets you disable your device and provides information of the finder to help you find the thief yourself.


IfFound 3 can effectively prevent the loss of all your important information and online accounts, and help you not panic in the event that you do forget your expensive phone somewhere. The best part is that all of these useful features come at the ideal price of 99 cents! You can download it on the Cydia app store. For even less than a dollar, the app provides great value for money and can help you make sure you never lose your valued possession. Free download also possible via 3rd party repo sources.

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