iBatteryInfo – Complete Battery Usage Data

Power is probably the single most important factor in any mobile device, be it a phone, a tablet or anything else. Each new model that comes out is packed with more features, all of which have a draining effect on the battery. While manufacturers try to make their devices more powerful and increase the size of the battery, you can’t always be sure that your device isn’t going to die on you at an inopportune moment.

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This is even more true of jailbroken iPhone’s as they tend to have a lot more apps and [packages installed on them. There are already a number of Cydia apps and tweaks that tell you how your battery is doing but a new one has just arrived. It’s called iBatteryInfo and its available free of charge from the BigBoss repo.

The tweak works when the USB charging cable is plugged in or removed. It has 2 states – the start charging one which activates when the cable is plugged in and, when it is removed you get the dropped charging one. Each charging state displays exactly the same information but, depending on how long the device has been charging for, the values will be different.

The type of information the tweak displays is the current level of the battery, how much time is left on it, maximum iPhone capacity and a list of charging cycles. It will tell you if the battery is charged fully and it will even tell you the battery serial number.  It won’t tell you what is using the most battery life on your device but the information can be quite useful. If the charging state message becomes irritating, just head to your Settings app where you will find a new toggle that allows you to switch the alert on or off as required.

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