How to Upgrade Cydia

The jailbreak community nowadays has no time to rest as new developments, updates, and releases are pouring in from all the directions. It all started with the TaiG 2.0 jailbreak tool which was released as a surprise gift and was meant to jailbreak the long-unjailbroken iOS 8.3. From that day, the developments have come a long way in just a few days and the TaiG tool has now been updated to the version 2.3, which supports iOS 8.4 and brings in some great updates. And one equally big news has come straight from Jay Freeman. Yes folks, Cydia has undergone a huge change. Saurik has just released the updated Cydia version 1.1.21. This installer will now run as mobile and not as root. This is a pretty major update, because this directly means that now Cydia Substrate tweaks are able to modify Cydia.

Image : Cydia 1.1.21 Download Available

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For those new to jailbreaking who do not understand why it is a big news, this update means that now the existing jailbreak tweaks will keep working why Cydia is still open and potentially, the update will now allow a completely new class of jailbreak tweaks to be available soon in Cydia. For example, if you do not like the UI of Cydia, there could be a theme or a tweak to change it. Simply said, the tweaks will now be able to modify Cydia just like they modify other apps. This update has truly given a chance to the developers to modify the feel and look of Cydia.

In the previous versions, users must have noticed that even when they install tweaks that change the look of the system completely including all the apps, they still do not work on Cydia and thus Cydia goes straight back into the stock theme when you launch it, thus killing the fun. Fortunately enough, this update resolves the problem, so you can enjoy your themes and tweaks in Cydia as well.

How to Download Cydia :

If you (you obviously would) want to update to the latest 1.1.21 version of Cydia, then all you need to do is just Refresh Cydia and go ahead to install the Cydia Installer 1.1.21. cydia upgrade update

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Video : Here is a video explaining the above tutorial step by step

If you have not yet jailbroken your device with the TaiG 2.3 tool or if you are still on the TaiG 2.2.0 version and are planning to upgrade to the version 2.3 of the TaiG jailbreak, then you do not need to update the Cydia app in your device to the latest version. The reason behind that is that the TaiG 2.3 jailbreak update now comes pre-installed with the updated Cydia 1.1.21, so just updating to the 2.3 update of the TaiG jailbreak will give you the new Cydia with its cool new feature. Also, another big reason for updating to the new version of the TaiG jailbreak is that along with the new Cydia update, it also comes with a lot of stability improvements and security fixes, including the removal of the setreuid patch. So there is no reason for not upgrading to TaiG 2.3.

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