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Fans of Iconoclasm should take a look at this new jailbreak tweak called HomeScreenDesigner. Where Iconoclasm lets you redesign the icon layout of your iOS device home screen, this new tweak goes a great deal further.

Image : Cydia iOS 7 HomeScreenDesigner App

HomeScreenDesigner app

When you open up the app you are presented with a layout maker. This lets you design a new layout for your Home screen.  You decide how many icons you want on your Home screen and add them using the + button in the layout maker.

It is then a simple case of tapping and dragging the icon to the position you want it to. However, instead of having them all lined up in rows, you can also choose a free form style, basically putting the icons wherever you want them and in whatever pattern you want.

Image : Designed Home Screen on iOS 7 jailbroken phone

iphone 5s homescreen designer

If you want more than 20 separate icons on your Home screen, download another tweak called Bigify – this reduces the icon in size and hides the label, allowing more space. The only one you can’t remove is the Clock icon as that is there by default.

Included in the HomescreenDesigner tweak are a number of designs created by users of the tweak. Simply tap on the Uploaded tab and choose the design you want. If you have more than one Home screen, you can have a different design on each one if you wish. One of the best parts about the tweak is that no respring is required when you change the layout of your icons.

Take a look at this video showing the tweak in action:

HomescreenDesigner can be downloaded from Cydia for $1.99 and is compatible with all iOS 7 devices with the exception of the newer ones with the A7 chip. It does have a few bugs in it at the moment but these should be fixed with future updates to the tweak.

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