How To Hide App Store Purchases

Though a number of features stand out on iOS 8 such as Keyboards and Notification center; Apple made a lot of less obvious changes to the firm ware such as changes in App store that has been long overdue.

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As purchases are made on App Store account, they are included in the purchased Manu. However there was never a way to remove apps from this list, but now the possibility is here. You may ask why someone may need to delete apps from the list; one such reason is due to the fact that the list of needed apps combined with those that were downloaded and quickly deleted creates an undesirable messy look. This utility comes handy to help you organize the list of purchases.

How to Hide Any App from the App Store

Once within the App store app, just tap on updates then go to purchased and by swiping right any app to be hidden and hitting the hide button that will appear. One thing to be careful about is that it only works when Family sharing is enabled. One good thing is that these apps are not completely removed, and in case there is need to use them again they can be reactivated at no fee. Though it solves the issue it is to be noted that it does not apply to iTunes Store app, as this still requires the use of desktop iTunes app to hide these purchases.


Apart from that most of you may already know that iOS 8 is still very buggy and freezes from time to time, the good news here is that Apple has released iOS 8.1 to developers and you will love to here that for the first time we are experiencing iOS 7 like smoothness in iOS 8.1, we will keep you updated with iOS 8.1 released and iOS 8 jailbreak. To stay updated subscribe to us via email and we will send all major iOS 8 updates to your inbox for free.

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