Griddy – Grid Style AppSwitcher

There are several reasons why people like jailbreaking their iPads and iPhones, and one of those reasons is being able to customize the App Switcher deeply. If you have been using jailbreak tweaks for quite some time now, you will know that Cydia is filled with tweaks that offer huge customization options for the App Switcher. One such jailbreak tweak is Griddy that changes the look of your iOS device’s App Switcher and gives it a grid-like appearance. Below are the features of this popular tweak.

Image : Griddy – Grid Style AppSwitcher

griddy tweak cydia

Features :

  • With the Griddy tweak, you can give your boring App Switcher a grid-like interface to get a larger work area and to avoid wastage of space.
  • The tweak does not change the stock function though, and it keeps all the most-recently used apps on the very top. And with just one tap, all the apps that running can be closed.
  • Griddy offers a lot of customization options that help you modify the App Switcher as per your style. You can choose the apps in the grid to be displayed with either app previews or app icons. Separate apps can have landscape or portrait mode whichever you choose.griddy1griddy4
  • The main preferences pane of the Griddy tweak can be found in Settings > Griddy >Configuration after installing the tweak. From there, you can enable or disable Griddy, respring your device for applying the changes, enable or disable animation and change animation duration, and choose landscape/portrait mode for apps.griddy6
  • You can use the custom grid scale to choose what you want to see on the screen. You can hide or display app icons and app previews. You can even customize the intensity of the background blur and the app icon placement. The icons can be repositioned too.

As you have noticed from the features already, the Griddy tweak is a very highly customizable tweak and gives you the liberty to give your App Switcher a unique look.

The tweak is full compatible with iOS 8 and iOS 9 and can work with other tweaks like Seng [ext link] and Auxo without any interference. Though, do note that you cannot change the Control Center in any way using the Griddy tweak.

Download :

If you love trying out new App Switcher tweaks, then you surely must give Griddy a go and see if it suits your taste. You can buy Griddy for $1.99 from Cydia’s BigBoss repo. You can also get the tweak free for trial from 3rd party repos.

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