GrayD00r brings iOS 9 Update to Old iPods and iPad

A lot of iOS users like to keep themselves updated on the hardware front and they never miss the opportunity to buy the latest iOS device to ditch their older one. This means that you are using iPhone 5s or later or iPad Air or iPad Pro. Also, modern iOS devices include iPod touch 5th gen or later. However, a lot of people do not upgrade their devices and keep using the old, outdated iPhones and iPads either because they don’t have the means to buy the latest device or they do not find any reason to upgrade.

Image : GrayD00r brings iOS 9 Update to iPod Touch 3G – iPad 1st

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Well, such people should have a look at Grayd00r 9, which brings iOS 9-like UI and new features to older iOS devices. Of course, this isn’t a first-of-its-kind project, as Whited00r 7 did a similar job a few years ago. Consider Grayd00r 9 as a continuation of that same project, just that this one mimics iOS 9 on the original iPad and iPod touch 3G and brings excellent features to the devices. As given on the Grayd00r site :

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  • Grayd00r 9 brings significant performance improvements to older devices by switching off some unnecessary system processors.
  • There’s also a Control Center port for iPad users called Slide Over, which is an app switcher. Control-Center-Grayd00r
  • Software updates on Grayd00r are received through OTA updates, and you can also install older versions of apps whenever you want with a Time Machine-like feature. If there’s a version of an app that works better with older hardware, then it will most likely be available for Grayd00r.

Grayd00r is also available for the Apple TV 2G, but currently it only offers the flat UI from Apple TV 3 and nothing more. It looks like Grayd00r developers are concentrating on Grayd00r 9 for iPad 1G and iPod touch 3G right now and will resume the project for second-gen Apple TV later.

How to Install Grayd00r 9 on iPad and iPod Touch

Please do take a backup of your device before installing Grayd00r 9 on your iPod touch 3G or iPad 1G.

  1. If your PC is running a 64-bit Windows OS, then install this version of iTunes first [ext link].
  2. Connect your iPad or iPod touch to the computer. itunes device summary
  3. Go to iTunes and perform a factory reset of your iOS device by clicking on Restore your iPod touch | iPad option. itunes restore
  4. Then go to [ ] website and download the latest Grayd00r package for your specific device. OTA-grad00r
  5. Once downloaded, open it and it will install Grayd00r on your iOS device in a few minutes.

After Grayd00r has been installed, you will be able to enjoy iOS 9 like interface and features on your device.

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