Gravitation – Add Gravity to HomeScreen Icons

One of the many reasons why we all love iOS is that it gets a no-nonsense design that is simplistic, fluid, minimalistic, smooth, and fast. But if you have been using iOS for quite some years now, you will agree that the SpringBoard has become less exciting, and not much has changed in the OS over the time, thus making it look old and boring to many users. That’s where jailbreak users have an advantage over stock iOS users, as jailbreak tweaks are available in plenty and help you customize your iOS device and make it look and behave differently.

Image : Gravitation – Add Gravity to Home Screen Icons

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One such tweak that makes your iOS device stand out is Gravitation. As suggested by its name, it literally activates the effect of gravity on your device’s Home screen, directly affecting the app icons. For all those who are familiar with the Graviboard tweak released in 2010 by Conrad Kramer, Gravitation works in a similar way. In case you didn’t know about Graviboard that also became famous through Workflow, you should check out the features of this exciting tweak.

Features :

  • Gravitation adds a realistic gravitational force effect to the Home screen, thus making the app icons fall down in the direction of gravity. So no matter how many times you turn, tilt, or rotate your phone, the app icons will be brought down by gravity resembling a jar full of nuts. This adds a feeling of freshness and fun to the home screen. gravitation2
  • You have to activate the tweak by assigning an Activator gesture to it or shaking the phone. Once activated, the icons on the Home screen will start falling towards the ground.
  • Once Gravitation is installed on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch, you can set it up by going to its preferences pane in Settings app. You can enable | disable the tweak from there and can also set up an Activator gesture for it. Gravitation-Settings-576x1024
  • You also get an option for exploding animations in the preferences. When this option is enabled, the icon that you tap on the Home screen to launch it will zoom-in towards the screen as if it is exploding.
  • The preferences list also has got toggles to set the bounciness of the app icons, friction between them, sliders for adjusting gravity, and more.gravitation1

With the Gravitation tweak, you can spice up your Home screen by adding a great gravity-like animation effect to it. Though this tweak does not add any useful functions to your device, it surely makes iOS look great and fun.

Download :

You can buy the Gravitation tweak from the BigBoss repo in Cydia for $1.99. Free download also possible via 3rd party repo sources.

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