Grams – 3DTouch Tweak to Measure Weight

Grams is a new tweak available in the BigBoss repo in Cydia that manipulates the 3D Touch enabled iOS devices and allows you to use the sensitive screen touch technology to weigh small quantities of anything that will fit in a spoon. Home chefs looking to weigh out specific amounts of spices rejoice.

Image : Grams 3DTouch Tweak to Measure Weight

grams cydia-tweak

How does it Work ?

With 3D Touch, apps perform different functions as different pressures are pressed respective to a degree that triggers said functions. In order to be able to tell which degree apps are pressed, your screen needs to be able to measure sensitivity. A screen that can measure sensitivity can therefore measure pressure or weight. Using grams requires some basic set up in the settings pane that the tweak adds to your phone. It also requires a conductive container like a spoon. The function of the tweak will not work without something metal to conduct energy to the touch screen (which is probably not a bad thing, unless you enjoy putting salt all over your screen).

Features :

  • Uses a metal spoon as a tare device that you can place small quantities of materials in metal spoon_500x
  • Can measure upto 385 gms of material
  • Is accurate upto one hundredth of a gram grams-1
  • Serves as a great device to get quick, accurate measurements of your favorite spices.  grams tweaks
  • First the weight of the spoon is measured by itself. Then the weight of the spoon with the contents is taken and the initial weight of the spoon is subtracted to leave only the weight of the substance. grams-2

Download :

Grams is available for $.99 in the Cydia Bigboss Repo. As interesting as this app is, I can’t really see too many people using it. There are a variety of different small, water-proof, kitchen-proof scales available that do not cost $700 and hold all of your personal information. Free download of the app is also possible via 3rd party repo sources.

I cannot see someone using there iPhone next to a burning stove where spices are being tossed around, nor would someone want to take a risk of scratching their screen with a spoon or whatever falls out of it. All in all, I think Grams is a cool idea and frankly, very innovative in the way that developers are finding new uses for existing technology. However, I just do not really see much of a practical use for a tool that requires using as expensive as an iPhone to do a job that creates such a mess.

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