Gotha brings Swipe – Action Shortcuts for Contacts

The Cydia Store for jailbroken iOS devices is pretty much the same as the official Apple AppStore. You go there to get your tweaks and themes but, sometimes, it seems as if months go by with no new worthwhile ones being added. You could be forgiven for wondering if it was really worth all the bother. And then, along comes an app (or in Cydia’s case, a tweak) that makes it all worthwhile again.

Image : Gotha Jailbreak App

gotha app

This one is called Gotha and it was created and developed by iPhonConcept. It’s a neat little tweak that brings swipe gestures to the contacts app, allowing you to edit, modify or delete contacts with a simple swipe.

How to Use Gotha :

Once you have installed the tweak, using it is easy. Simply swiping left across the screen brings up a delete button .

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Swiping right brings up a series of icons that allows you to access your contact to send a message, call them, send them an email or contact them on their social networking site. And, if they have one, you can even access their website, provided you have the url in your contact information.

gotha cydia ios 7 app

If you are a fan of gesture-based tweaks you’ll love this one. It only has one drawback – you have to be in the Contacts tab in the phone app for it to work.  It won’t work from Favorites and it won’t work if you are using the search features in the contacts list either. However, these are the sort of things that can be added in at a later date.

Download :

The tweak is available from the ModMyi repo in Cydia for just $1.99. If you try it out let us know what you think of it.

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