Goodges – Get Labels Instead of Notification Badges

A lot of users hate the app badge that denotes notifications for apps, as it makes the app look somewhat unsightly. In a away, it spoils the beauty of iOS. So if you do not like the app badge, you can get rid of it and can have something more exciting in its place with a new jailbreak tweak called Goodges.

Image : Goodges – Get Labels Instead of Notification Badges

goodges cydia tweak

Goodges enables you to modify the app icon badges and use app icon labels instead. As a result, you get rid of the old, ugly red app badge and get a label on the icon of the app that has received the notification. The features of the tweak are listed below.

Features :

  • The Goodges tweak helps you remove the app icon badges and instead get notified about pending notifications through labels on the app icons. This prevents the ugly badges from making your Home screen look untidy and unkempt.  goodges1
  • After installing the Goodges tweak, its preferences pane can be found in the Settings app, and you can configure the options from there. The preferences are laid out very nicely and help you customize the aesthetics of the labels. Goodges-Preferences-1-1024x908
  • The preferences pane of the tweak gets a Label section that enables you to modify the text, make it bold, make the first letter in the label capital, change the color of the label, etc.
  • You will also find a Highlighting section inside the preferences pane. In this section, you get to highlight the labels so that they become more noticeable.
  • In case you were thinking, you can change the names of the label notification separately for each app. The default label is set as 1 notification, but it can be easily changed to something else as per your wish. For instance, Cydia and App Store bring apps and updates, so you can change their label to 1 update to get notified about new pending notifications as 5 updates, 6 updates, and so on. goodges3
  • Perhaps the best part about the Goodges tweak is that it is customizable to a great extent and is very easy to use. So it is clearly a boon for those who don’t like to look at the red notification badges.

Download :

If you do not reallu like the red colored notification badges on your app icons, then you should definitely get the Goodges tweak and try it once. You can download Goodges for free from Cydia, so there’s no harm in giving it a go.

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