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The stock iOS lockscreen looks nice and clean. However, it lacks in features that other mobile operating systems carry. For example, Android lockscreens provide so many functions right from adjusting a setting, directly jumping to an app, or accessing notifications. This type of functionality is truly missed on the iOS. However, in case you are using a jailbroken iOS device, then there is an option to make your iOS lockscreen more intuitive by using a jailbreak tweak.

Image : FutureLock Full Version Download from Cydia

futurelock cydia download

A new lockscreen tweak called FutureLock is now available on Cydia and  lets you make the most of the iOS lockscreen. This tweak has been actually made in order to turn a concept design into reality. For the starters, the FutureLock tweak completely replaces the old, boring lockscreen.

The new lockscreen has a widget based user interface and you can do a lot with it. Users can access the pending notifications instantly. This tweak displays the notifications very beautifully and along with that, it provides a welcome message on the top along with the latest weather report. The sole purpose of this tweak seems to be getting all the information right at your fingertips without having to unlock your iPhone.

Features :

  • FutureLock tweak shows the icon of the particular tweak that has got new pending notifications. futurelock-3
  • You only need to tap on the app icon in order to reveal the notifications that the app has received.
  • Users can interact with the pending messages. You can just tap the messages in order to open the respective app and display the pending messages. futurelock-0
  • The tweak displays a weather icon too on the left side of the lockscreen. When this icon is tapped, the weather forecast comes up on the lockscreen. futurelock-1
  • The other side of the lockscreen, the tweak provides an icon for the Calendar app too.
  • As of now, the tweak has widgets only for weather and calendar. The developer has promised to provide more options for adding widgets in the upcoming updates.
  • The tweak has a preference pane in the stock Settings app. Users can go to the tweak preferences and set the custom time for the beginning of morning, afternoon, evening, and night. The appearance of the lockscreen widgets can be tweaked.

Download :

FutureLock can be downloaded from the BigBoss repo in Cydia for $2.50. You can also download the FutureLock Lite tweak, which is the lite version of FutureLock and is available for free.

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