FutureLock Lite brings App Access on Lock Screen

Jailbreaking has given us the power to customize our iOS devices beyond the limits that Apple has set for us. Right from your home screen to any other app, Cydia Tweaks really help the users make the most of their devices. Most popular are those tweaks which provide shortcuts to the most used or the most essential parts of the iOS, as they make the task more convenient. One such area is the lockscreen. Stock iOS hardly provides any customization options for the iOS lockscreen. But thanks to Cydia, there many such tweaks which help the users bring their favourite apps or settings right on the lockscreen. And one such popular Cydia tweak for customizing the lockscreen is the FutureLock tweak.

Image : FutureLock Like Download from Cydia

future lock lite cydia download

Features :

Basically, FutureLock is a Cydia tweak which gives you an easy shortcut to notes, calendar, mail, and messages right on your lockscreen. So you just need to wake your iOS device and with just a swipe, you will be reading your mail or messages. Isn’t it so cool ? To make things even cooler, the tweak also displays weather details in a tagline and also displays a beautiful good night message. And the best thing is that this tweak is available for free!

FutureLock Lite – What’s New ?

The developer of FutureLock has just released a lite version of the tweak, called FutureLock Lite. This new tweak is compatible with iOS 7 and iOS 8. As you can guess by the name, this Lite version is low on functionalities. But nonetheless, it basically does the job.

Image : Futurelock Lite Interface

futurelocklite1futurelocklite2 futurelocklite3

After installing FutureLock Lite, you don’t to configure it as there are no settings given. Just install and use. You need to tap the respective icon to see the notifications or the calendar and then double tap to deselect it. The tweak has default time settings for morning, afternoon, evening, and night. Moreover, FutureLock Lite is compatible with other tweaks like SubtleLock, Roomy, etc. The author of this tweak states that you can contact him on Twitter if you want more compatibilities.

Download :

So all in all, FutureLock Lite stands true to its previous version, so it is surely a must try. You can get this tweak from BigBoss repo in Cydia. Please note that to have Cydia on your device , you need to jailbreak your iPhone .

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