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It is really disappointing to see so many Android smartphones release with a LED flash on the front for illuminating the selfies, while the iPhone still does not come with it. Selfies have become a daily need now for most of the people who like to capture their everyday activities with their loved ones. However, the absence of a front-facing flash for the FaceTime camera sometimes causes the photos to come out dark, which is something that no iPhone owner would like. But thanks to iOS 9, a new feature called Retina Flash has been introduced in the new iPhone 6s and 6s. This feature actually increases the brightness of the display by many times when you shoot a selfie, thus illuminating the faces of the subjects and providing brighter photos in low-light conditions.

Image : FrontFlash

frontflash cydia

However, we don’t know whether the Retina Flash feature will be available in the older iOS devices or not. Also, the front camera is low on resolution which makes it even worse in low-light situations in the absence of flash. But you don’t need to be disappointed, as there is hope for you in the form of a jailbreak tweak called FrontFlash. It does exactly the same job as the Retina Flash and works on all the jailbroken iOS devices. If you are someone who is used to clicking a lot of selfies everyday, then you must definitely check out this tweak.

Features :

  • FrontFlash has a very simple working mechanism. Once installed, you simply have to click selfies like you normally do with the front camera. The tweak makes the screen go blank when you press the capture button and the brightness is increased to the maximum possible limit, thus throwing a lot of light on your face and making the pictures brighter.  Retina-Flash
  • FrontFlash works for photos as well as videos too, which is good for those who like to shoot selfie videos and hate low-light. retina flash
  • After installing the FrontFlash tweak, you can enable or disable it individually for videos and photos by going into the FrontFlash preference pane in the stock Settings app.
  • The tweak comes into action when you press the capture/record button while using the front camera. The tweak will not trigger in case the rear iSight camera is being used.

Download :

FrontFlash is a very useful tweak and it is all the more exciting because it is available free of cost on the BigBoss repo in Cydia. It has even been updated to support older iOS versions like the iOS 5.x. So anybody who loves clicking selfies on their iOS device can have this awesome tweak.

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