Take Photos from both Camera’s at Same Time

Like it or not, cameras are an important part of today’s smartphones and one of the biggest things that potential consumers consider before making a purchase. As well as the hardware undergoing constant upgrading, manufacturers are trying to keep up with improved software as well. When the Galaxy S4 was released it featured the ability to use both the front and rear cameras at the same time. The feature was called Dual Shot and now we have a similar app for iOS, called Frontback.

Image : FrontBack

dual camera iphone 5 app

It’s surprising that these types of apps have not been made available before now; smartphones have featured both front and rear cameras for some time now.  Samsung introduced it saying that it’s a good way for people to record their own reaction to a photo and it can help to put images in context.

Sometimes a facial expression can say far more than words and it takes less time than it does to caption your images. FrontBack is pretty much a copy of the Samsung app and it does a pretty good job.

The app does not actually take both shots simultaneously but they are close enough together to do the job. It has a very intuitive user friendly interface, easy to use for editing your split images for social sharing such as on Facebook or instagram.

Download :

There are already a fair few apps to help you edit your images for sharing to social networks but Frontback [ext link] is a unique one for iOS users and, being free, you’ve nothing to lose by giving it a go. DuoCam [ext link] is another free app that is similar but Frontback is a bit more fun to use and is a much cleaner, friendly app to use.

If you get round to downloading it let us know what you think of it.

3 thoughts on “Take Photos from both Camera’s at Same Time

  1. ok nice, but i think need a program like several phones (minimum 3 phones) capture at the same time of master phone’s camera switch pressed .i mean for a large area covered in one capture possible ?!!!!

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