ForeverNotification – Sticky LockScreen Notifications

iOS has a unique way of keeping the notifications on the Lock screen, but not may users like the way it handles the notifications. Whenever any notifications arrive in your iOS device and you don’t view them immediately, they are lined up on the Lock screen so that you can have a quick look at them. But as soon as you unlock the device, the notifications disappear even though you didn’t check out all of them. Many users find it irritating, but we can suggest you a Cydia tweak that can get your rid of this problem.

Image : ForeverNotification – LockScreen Notifications that Stick

forever notification cydia app

A jailbreak tweak called ForeverNotification makes sure that the notifications on the Lock screen do not disappear no matter how many times the device is locked and unlocked. Check out the features of this tweak below and see how it works for you.

Features :

  • As suggested by the name, ForeverNotification literally keeps your notifications on the Lock screen technically forever until you decide to get rid of them manually.
  • Whenever your iOS device receives any new notifications and you unlock the screen, the notifications will stay on the Lock screen even if you lock or unlock the device several times. The notifications will go away only when you check them. forever-notifications_1 forever-notifications_2
  • The notifications can be cleared only manually as liked by the users of this tweak. You can choose which notifications you want to remove and which ones you want to keep on the Lock screen. You just need to swipe left on notifications and then choose X button to clear the notifications. As mentioned before, notifications will not be cleared automatically and need to be done by you.
  • Users of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will find this tweak more helpful. These phones come with much better Touch ID sensors that work faster than there previous ones. So the screen is unlocked within a flash and the users clear notifications accidentally without looking at them. It then frustrates the users to go to the Notification Center to see all the notifications or to check each app manually.
  • ForeverNotification saves a lot of time and trouble that you have to go through for checking out the Notification Center again and again.

Download :

The ForeverNotification tweak does not come with a preference panel. Once you install it, the tweak starts doing its job immediately and it handles all the notifications thereafter. You can download ForeverNotification Free from Cydia’s BigBoss repo.

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