Force Touch Activator bring 3D Touch on iOS 8

iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus have been released already and a lot of hardware changes have been seen in the new iPhones. A significant bump in the camera and a new, faster processor are amongst the most talked about changes. But one feature that has been creating hype since long is the Force Touch technology, named 3D Touch by Apple. In case you have managed to get an iPhone 6s, you would have already experienced 3D Touch and would have been amazed. However, users with older iPhone models miss out on this technology as it is not a software but a hardware addition into the display.

Get 3D Force Touch on Older iPhones :

force touch activator

So does that mean that the older iPhone users will not be able to experience 3D Touch? Well, not completely. If you are a jailbreak user then there’s hope for you, as a developer has created a tweak that brings 3D Touch to older iPhones running iOS 8. The tweak is called Force Touch Activator and has been released on Cydia a few days ago. It is similar to the Touch 3D tweak that we earlier told you about.

Features :

  1. Users should remember that the real 3D Touch technology needs particular hardware, specifically a pressure sensitive screen, to work properly. Such hardware is not present in the older iPhones. But thanks to the smart Force Touch Activator tweak, it senses the radius of your finger to determine the gesture. If more area of your finger touches the display, then the gesture will be activated accordingly. force_touch_activator1
  2. The tweak is not as accurate as the real 3D Touch in iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, but it does bring something new and impressive to the older iPhones. You can have at least one shortcut by long-pressing your display.
  3. After installing Force Touch Activator in your iOS device, you need to go to the Activator menu in the Settings app in order to assign specific action to the 3D Touch. For instance, you can set the 3D Touch gesture to launch media player or compose a message. force_touch_activator0
  4. After setting up the preferences, you just have to go to the Home screen and long-press with your finger. You will find that the Force Touch gesture gets activated.

Download Force Touch Activator :

Force Touch Activator is an extremely simple and straightforward tweak to use. So if you are not planning to buy an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus but still want to experience a bit of 3D Touch on your older iPhone, then you can download the tweak from the BigBoss repo in Cydia for Free .

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  1. Gostaria instalar 3D touch no iPhone 6 Plus eu tenho ou cydia mas eu não consigo se poderia mandar um vídeo a explicar como se faz ok comprimento ….as….Gabriel

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