FlashRing – Mute Switch Toggle for iPhone Flash

If you use an iPhone, you will accept that the flashlight is one of those features that are not paid attention to at all but are used extensively in everyday life. May it be a power cut at your home or office, or may it be a camping night, the flashlight in your iPhone is truly very useful. It is so useful that Apple has made it easier and more convenient to toggle the flashlight by proving a shortcut for it right in the Control Center.

Image : Flashring Tweak

flashring tweak

With an iPhone in your pocket, you don’t need an extra flashlight with you. But most of us do miss pressing the button of the flashlight to see our way in the dark. Other thing to note is that when you need to switch on the flashlight in your iPhone immediately, you will have to first unlock the phone and then go to the Control Center and then tap the flashlight shortcut to turn it on. Wouldn’t it be easier and quicker if there was a dedicated physical button for the flashlight? Well, Apple won’t provide such a button, but thanks to a jailbreak tweak, you can use an existing button as a flashlight toggle.

Image : Existing Flashlight Toggle

control centre flashlight torch

A new jailbreak tweak called FlashRing converts the mute button on your iPhone to a quick toggle for the flashlight. Interested? Go through the features of this simple yet indispensable tweak.

Features :

mute switch toggle

  • The FlashRing tweak allows you to turn on or turn off the flashlight of your iPhone with just a press of the mute button.
  • After installing FlashRing, there are no other settings or configurations, and you can use the tweak right away.
  • The tweak can be really helpful and quick, as you can turn on the flashlight instantly without having to unlock your iPhone.
  • One thing to note is that your iPhone will be muted for the time that the tweak remains on your iPhone. Most of us keep our iPhones on silent most of the time, but it is still a thing to remember.

Download :

FlashRing is a really simple yet smart jailbreak tweak. And if you use the flashlight a lot, then you may find it useful to sacrifice the mute button for a physical flashlight toggle button. The FlashRing tweak can be downloaded free from Cydia from the BigBoss repo.

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