Fingal – Jailbreak App to Animate HomeScreen Icons

What makes our iPads, iPhones, and iPod touch devices so awesome is the iOS inside. It offers a smooth, simple, and minimalistic user interface and a smooth experience. But over the many years, iOS hasn’t undergone any major overhauls in terms of design and UI, and the overall frame has started to look boring and too simple. Thankfully, jailbreak users can have many Cydia Tweaks customizing their device to their heart’s extent.

Image : Fingal – Jailbreak App to Animate HomeScreen Icons

fingal tweak

A new jailbreak tweak named Fingal adds some excitement to your Home screen by adding animated themes to iOS. These themes add motion and liveliness to the Home screen.

Features :

  • Fingal is a theming platform somewhat similar to WinterBoard and works with iOS 8 as well as the latest iOS 9. The main function of this tweak is to animate the app icons, thus making the Home screen look fluid and smooth with all those animations.
  • The tweak will run faster on newer iOS devices as they are well-equipped with the latest hardware and can process the animations speedily without any lag. However, the tweak works just fine on iPhone 5 without many slow downs.
  • Once you install Fingal on your device, a new Preferences pane for the tweak will come up in the Settings app. From there, you can choose the themes to apply, and you can disable/enable the themes. There are a lot of customization options in the preferences, and you can even download more themes. fingal app settings
  • The animations are pretty basic, but they do look good and fresh on the Home screen. The themes are available for most of the apps like Settings, Contacts, Health, Camera, Maps, Messages, News, Passbook, Mystery, Notes, Telegram, VoiceMemos, YouTube, etc. You can enable or disable animations for specific icons that you do not want to be animated. fingal-prefs-577x1024
  • When you make changes in Fingal’s preferences pane, you need to respring your device for the changes to take place. There’s a respring button right at the top of the preferences pane, and after rebooting, the animations will kick into action immediately.

Video : Fingal Jailbreak Tweak in Action

Download :

Fingal is an excellent theming platform for the start and has great potential to be as big as WinterBoard. The tweak can gain huge popularity if the developer keeps adding new features and improving the overall speed and smoothness. As the tweak develops, more third-party animated themes will be available in Cydia for animated icons in iOS. You can download Fingal from Cydia’s ModMyi repo.

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