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One of the many benefits, or probably, the most important benefit of jailbreaking your iOS device is that it gives you root access to your iOS device. What this means in layman’s terms is that you can remove or add files on your iPad or iPhone and modify the file, which you cannot do in stock iOS.

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So in case you have a jailbroken iOS device and like to play around with the root files, you definitely know about iFile.  Well iFile is the favourite file manager app in the whole jailbreak community, but it has been facing some real competition by another awesome file manager app called Filza. Filza is a file manager app for jailbroken iOS devices and can be downloaded from Cydia.

Features :

  • Filza File Manager works on iOS 7 and above.
  • The app comes with a lot of useful features. The file viewer feature in Filza allows you to view text files, videos, pictures, install DEBs, install app IPA, and much more. filzafilemanager2
  • The Filza app can also execute shell scripts apart from sharing files between an iOS device and a computer with the help of Air browser.
  • The file manager also allows you to compress or decompress files and copy or move them to different folders or directories.
  • Filza is a very nicely designed file manager app. It’s flat user interface goes really well with iOS 7 and iOS 8 and provides a native app feel to this jailbreak app. filzafilemanager5
  • Interface of the Filza app is extremely user-friendly and comes with multiple viewing modes, which include grid view and list view. This makes navigation easier and location a file very convenient.
  • Filza also gets an in-built search feature, which comes in very handy to search for files.

iFile vs Filza Difference ?

iFile has been here for long and it is still the most preferred file manager app for all the jailbroken iOS devices. Therefore, iFile fans would obviously ask why Filza is better. Well, there are not many differences between the two except a few.

iFile comes Free of Cost, while Filza costs $5.99, something which iFile lovers will never agree upon. However, Filza comes with cloud access apart from a better design and interface than iFile, which can be a good reason to upgrade from iFile to Filza.

Download :

Well, Filza is no less than iFile and it is just a matter of preference, while Filza does have a small edge over iFile with that aforementioned cloud access and better looks and interface. So if you think Filza File Manager deserves your $5.99, you can download it or you can also go for a free trial version first. Full free download also possible via 3rd party repo’s .

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