FastShare – Quickly Share content to FB Twitter SMS

Ever felt the need of having a tool that could let you share any information to your social accounts instantly ? Well, there’s a jailbreak tweak called FastShare that gives you that feature. The tweak uses Activator and enables you to share info with your family, friends, and followers via Twitter, Facebook, and Messages. Read more about its features below.

Image : FastShare – Quickly Share content to FB Twitter SMS

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  • FastShare gives you a number of options to share information easily through your social apps.
  • Of course, you can already use Activator to compose a Tweet, Facebook Post, or an iMessage, you need to assign three different gestures for each of those apps, which means sacrificing three gestures. FastShare uses just one Activator gesture and brings all the three options in one interface for you to choose from.
  • When you perform the Activator gesture that you have assigned to FastShare, a UI comes up with three different shortcuts. The left shortcut lets you compose a Tweet, while the right one lets you compose a Facebook Post, and the middle shortcut lets you create an SMS or iMessage. There’s a cancel button too for closing the interface if opened accidentally.fastshare2
  • On tapping any of those sharing buttons, you get a stock iOS share sheet on the screen where you need to fill up the information you want to share through that medium. fastshare3
  • The tweak comes with a preferences pane in the Settings app that. It allows you to choose an Activator gesture for invoking the tweak and lets you apply background color to the interface of FastShare. You can even select the blur style for the UI, and the size of the share app buttons can also be changed. fastshare settings


The interface of the FastShare tweak is simple and beautiful, and the best thing about it is that it goes well with the iOS UI. The tweak is priced at $1.49 and is available to download from Cydia. While many may argue that the price is steep for this tweak and you could do the same things with Activator, the convenience of getting all the sharing options in one place using one gesture is a really nice idea if you are ready to pay for it. Free download also possible via 3rd party repo sources .

So if you are in the habit of sharing information on social media very often throughout your day, you should try out FastShare in case you are ready to pay $1.49. Have you tried this tweak or found an alternative tweak that does the same things ? Let us know in the comments below.

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