How to Figure a Fake Jailbreak Scam

While it has been made clear that there is no iOS 9.1 jailbreak [ Pangu 9.1 in the making – ext link ] available yet at the time of writing this article, some people can’t wait and they scour the web looking for one . And to cater to these people, there are quite a few websites claiming that they and they alone, have the only iOS 9 jailbreak software that works.

Image : Fake Jailbreak Downloads to Stay Away from

fake jailbreak

Some sites are even offering a jailbreak and unlock service all in one – something hasn’t been done for a long time. Even TaiG are not offering that and they are the only team of developers who are working on a legitimate iOS jailbreak. So, we can’t tell you when the new TaiG 9.1 Jailbreak [ext link] utility is going to be released yet but we can tell you how to spot, and avoid a Fake Jailbreak site. If you take this information on board, you won’t waste any time or money on something that simply doesn’t exist or doesn’t work.

So here, without further ado are 7 signs that your jailbreak is a fake :

1. It doesn’t come from a Recognized Developer : 

taig jailbreak team

We are all aware of who the recognized developers are and which ones are involved in building jailbreaks. Now, it’s not unheard of for an unknown to come out of nowhere but at this stage of the game is highly unlikely.  If you don’t recognize the name on the jailbreak, don’t touch it.

2. They want you to pay for your jailbreak :

buy jailbreak

Why would you do that? Anyone who has been in the jailbreak community since iOS 6 and before will know that every reputable jailbreak software is released free of charge.

3. “But they offer a money back guarantee !”

scam jailbreaks

So what ? Anyone can add one of those logos to their website; it doesn’t mean they’ll honor it

4. “What about the one that offers an unlock as well ?”

What about it ? Even if the unlock worked, which is highly unlikely, put together with a fake jailbreak it isn’t going to do your device much good.  If it’s unlocking you are after, go find a reliable, reputable service and wait for the proper FREE jailbreak tool to come out.

5. The article advertising the jailbreak is a bit too positive and over the top :

This is a common ploy amongst fake jailbreakers. They will push out regular stories about the jailbreak on local news sites and they will look very much like review. You will see them as the top result on Google for a while and they will be laid out in one of 2 was either a choice of several different jailbreak tools but heavily pushing one particular one or a very positive review of just one tool.

Take a close look at the links in these news stories if you can – most contain a long unique identifier, which allow the author to earn cash when someone buys the jailbreak through that link. Oh, and those that are top of the Google search results ? Take another look, a very close one – do you see a lightly colored box around the ad ? That means the site owner has paid for the number one spot, it hasn’t go there through its own merits.

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6. They want too much personal information or want you to take a bunch of surveys

This is another common trait of fake jailbreaks. A genuine jailbreak site does not ask you for any personal information and they don’t ask you to complete a bunch of surveys. You’ve seen them before, they’re the ones that offer a free iPhone, but this time you get the free iOS 9 jailbreak.

Image :  Jailbreak Scam Videos get quickly banned by YouTube

youtube_video removed copyright

You might also find that you are asked to sign up to a trial of something first or buy something, both of which require your credit card details.  At this point alarm bells should be ringing in your head. If you are asked to pay for something or hand over your financial details, stop. If you carry on you could yourself paying out for more than you bargained for.

7. They tell you that it can be downloaded from your iPhonefake jailbreak iphone 6

It’s been a long time since a jailbreak like that was released. Any reputable jailbreak development team provides you with computer software to download and that’s how it goes on your iPhone, no other way.

8. They Claim Affiliation with a Real Jailbreak Team


fake jailbreak scamfake jailbreak

You will almost definitely come across one or two that claim they are affiliates with Taig Team or with a specific team member. They will even give you fake addresses and phone numbers. Firstly, these are easy to check out just by looking on the internet. Secondly, TaiG are not affiliated with, nor do they accept affiliations from, any other team or so-called developer.

9. They want you to donate money before they release the jailbreak

Some of these fake jailbreakers will ask you for a donation so that the can release their working jailbreak tool. Don’t fall for it. Keep your wallet tucked away and safe.  Jailbreakers like Taig , Pangu , PP have a donation button on their official website but it doesn’t go live until the jailbreak is released and they do not ask for money – it is left entirely up the user if they wish to contribute.

Right now, there is only a few jailbreak teams that is developing the real iOS 9.1 jailbreak and that includes TaiG , Pangu and PP Jailbreak Team . They do not ask for money, despite the fact that they work in their spare time for free, while holding down full-time jobs elsewhere.

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