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Are you an avid Facebook user ? If yes, then you would probably like to customize your Facebook experience on your jailbroken iOS device. Well, there are loads of Cydia tweaks out there meant to customize your Facebook and Messenger apps the way you want.

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Here is a list of top 10 Facebook Cydia tweaks that you must not miss at all!

1. RecentFacebook

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  • RecentFacebook adds a More option to the default Facebook app.
  • The tweak enables you to view the recent stories, top stories, and more.
  • This tweak will prevent you from missing out on any updates.
  • You can get RecentFacebook from the BigBoss repo for free.

2. Facebook ++

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  • Facebook ++ enables you to use the Facebook Messenger inside the default Facebook app itself.
  • The tweak removes the limit on the number of pictures that you can send in the Messenger, so unlimited photos can be sent.
  • You can automatically stream videos on opening the Facebook app with the disable auto play video option.
  • This tweak is available for free at the BigBoss repo.

3. FlipBook


  • FlipBook allows you to use the default Facebook app in landscape mode.
  • The tweak has very few configurations and is simple to use.
  • It costs $1 at the BigBoss repo.

4. Prenesi


  • Prenesi enables you to download the videos posted on Facebook.
  • Using this tweak, you can turn on notifications for a particular channel and can download any video instantly.
  • This tweak is available at the BigBoss repo for free.

5. StickerMe


  • The StickerMe tweak synchronizes the Facebook Messenger stickers with your iMessages app, so that you can use the stickers in iMessages too.
  • The tweak is available only for iPhone and not for iPad.
  • You can get it from the BigBoss repo for $1.49. Free download also possible by adding 3rd party repo’s .

6. Messenger Pro

  • This tweak enables you to customize Facebook Messenger in a lot of different ways.
  • You can turn on the notifications when receiving a message or you can turn on vibrations for incoming messages.
  • You can also customize the in-app sounds and the notification sounds.
  • There are many more features in the settings of the Messenger Pro tweak.
  • The BigBoss repo provides this tweak for free.

7. FB Unlimited Chat Heads

  • This tweak enables you to handle unlimited chat heads inside the Facebook Messenger.
  • The tweak also supports landscape mode, thus making it easier to manage unlimited chat heads.
  • It supports iPad too.
  • You can get it for free from the BigBoss repo.

8. Facebook Internal Settings

  • You can use this tweak to change the internal settings of the Facebook app.
  • Configuration options in this tweak are less, but it is great for customization.
  • It contains several modes which, when activated, will provide some really special features in the Facebook app.
  • You can get this tweak from the BigBoss repo for free.

9. Facebook Fonts Fix

  • This tweak fixes those fonts which are not displayed properly in the Facebook app, like the Khmer font which appears distorted in v 24.0 version.
  • It lets you read each and every word properly.
  • A drawback of this tweak is that it works with only the v 24.0 version of the Facebook app and not with the newer versions.
  • You can get this tweak for free from the BigBoss repo.

10. BluePill


  • The BluePill tweak contains all the features in it that the previously mentioned tweaks boast of. So it is practically the one Cydia tweak that you need for Facebook in your iOS device.
  • Features include sending unlimited photos to force stopping the Facebook Messenger are included in this tweak.
  • You can also disable the typing indicator, read receipts, VoIP, etc.
  • All these settings can be disabled in one tap by using the stealth mode in the settings of BluePill.
  • This awesome tweak can be downloaded from the BigBoss repo for $1.99 and is definitely worth it. Free download also possible by adding 3rd party repo’s .

Well, these are the best 10 Facebook Cydia tweaks available for iOS 8 , iOS 8.4 and later . This list will be updated regularly when other similar Cydia tweaks are released.

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