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The official public release of iOS 10 has been done and everybody is totally excited about it. However, jailbreakers are under great pressure as iOS 10 is rumored to include a Rootless Technology, which will make iOS 10 jailbreak [ext link] impossible. Apple has already showed us its hatred towards jailbreaks by patching the TaiG and PP iOS 10 Jailbreaks with the new iOS 10.1.1.

Image : Extensify the Cydia Alternative – No Jailbreak Needed

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If iOS 10 indeed turns out to be unjailbreakable, will the iOS users have to forget tweaks for the good ? Well, not really. A very exciting and perhaps the biggest development of the year is here. Developers Majd Alfhaily and Kevin Ko, known popularly as @freemanrepo and @uhelios, have come out with a very special tweak store called Extensify. And don’t get fooled as it is not just any other tweak store; its developers claim that Extensify enables you to add new features or modify the existing features in the App Store apps, without jailbreaking.

Installing tweaks without jailbreaking ? Sounds hardly possible, doesn’t it ? But it is actually legit and it works. So we bring you this in-depth walkthrough of the Extensify app, so that you can know how awesome this app can be.

What is Extensify ?


Extensify does not replace Cydia or jailbreaking. It actually is meant to compliment jailbreaking during the periods when no jailbreak is available to the users. For example, we don’t have any working jailbreak right now for iOS 10.1.1, as Apple patched the TaiG and PP jailbreak exploits.


We tested Extensify on an iPhone 6 Plus which was running iOS 10 . To help you understand the ability of the app, we used a few tweaks available in Extensify. Tweaks are called Exos in this app, and helped us do things like adding a feature to save pictures and videos in Instagram and Vine, and adding great new features in the Twitter app. So let’s see how the app functions overall, right from the start.

How to Download Extensify on iOS 10 :

You don’t require a PC or Mac to use this app. The usage process of this app can be described in the following few steps:

  1. First Download Extensify [ Tutorial – ext link ] following the linked tutorial on your iOS device .
  2. Create an account and login to Extensify App
  3. Search the tweaks [ Exos ] you want in the app and queue all those Exos which you want to install. Extensify-1
  4. Finally, perform a build and then install all those tweaks. Extensify-2
  5. After you have built the app, Extensify will download a new version of the app from the iTunes store with all those tweaks applied to it.

Extensify Gets a Superb UI :

The user interface of Extensify is simply one of the best things about it. The UI has been given a lot of attention by the developers and thus has come out to be simply superb. Right from the icon of the app to the installation animations, everything is top-notch perfect.

The main tab of  Extensify gives you a list of all the Top Exos [image below] that are available currently and are popular among the users. Just like the important apps of the day are highlighted in the App Store, there is a similar header image that can be swiped to see the popular Exos of the moment.Extensify-5-576x1024

If you want to view all the Exos available by app, you can go to the Catalog tab. This makes finding tweaks for a specific app easier. You can also search a tweak by its name using the search option.

You also get a My Exos tab which shows you a list of all the download or installed Exos in your device. You can manage, install, or delete tweaks as per your wish.

Last but not the least, you also get a Profile tab. You can use it to sign in, sign out, and manage the preferences. You get auto install and auto login toggles in the preferences.

What’s Awesome About Extensify :

Users get the description and details of the tweaks, just like in the App Store and Cydia. You also get screenshots, version number, size, change log, etc. There is also an option to leave a comment for the tweak.


When you apply the Exos to an app, it gets a + symbol beside it [image above], while the stock version of the app is also left on the device. For example, if you modify the Twitter app with the Exo called Twitter Plus, then you will get a new version of the app on your SpringBoard named as Twitter+. Meanwhile, the stock Twitter app without any modifications will still remain on the device, just in case you want to keep it too. But it is a separate app and you can uninstall it safely without affecting the modified app.

Probably the most awesome quality about Extensify is that it does not ask you to jailbreak your device in order to use the app. This helps those who don’t want to jailbreak or those who have accidentally upgraded to an unjailbreakable iOS firmware.

What Extensify Missed Out :

The first and the foremost limitation with the Extensify app is that you can modify only the App Store apps with the Exos. This is not the case with Cydia tweaks, which you can use to modify the general iOS interface or the SpringBoard, which Extensify cannot do sadly.

cydia ios 9 iphone repo source add3

Having said that, we already had mentioned that Extensify is not here to replace jailbreak or Cydia. Actually, Cydia and Extensify can stay together, while Extensify will be the better one when there is no jailbreak around.

Final Words :

In a nutshell, Extensify will enable you to apply tweaks to your favorite apps without jailbreaking your device, and this is why the app is awesome. A good news is that developers can port their Cydia tweaks to Extensify easily. However, this is again limited to the tweaks that modify the apps from the App Store.

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  1. Downloaded extensify following this tutorial. It was easy than jailbreaking and does not affect the device’s warranty.

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