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Extensify is an app that allows you to download tweaks to modify stock and some third party iOS apps without the need to jailbreak your iOS device. How it works is that you download a tweak, called an Exo, which provides modifications to an app. Let’s say you wanted to give YouTube some additional features; you would download an Exo called Cercube which, in turn, will download a modified version of the YouTube app onto your device. The modified version is identifiable by a “+” after its name, i.e. YouTube +.

Image : Extensify Helper Download

extensify hekper download

Do I Need to Use a Computer ?

If you are still on an earlier version of the iOS, between iOS 8 and 9.2.1, you can use our download tutorial to Download Extensify directly onto your device. If you are on a later version of the iOS than 9.2.1, you will need to use a Mac or windows computer, and a program called Extensify Helper [ext link] to get Extensify onto your iPhone or iPad.

How to Use Extensify Helper :

  1. Check that you have iTunes installed on your computer – you do not need to actually use it for this process but it does need to be installed itunes install
  2. Now download Extensify Helper and open it [ Mac | Windowsextensify helper 2
  3. Plug your iPhone or iPad into your computer
  4. Click Trust on the “Trust this Computer” message if it appears trust_this_computer
  5. Ignore any other popups, just close them down
  6. Click the drop down menu on the screen and then choose Install Extensify extensify 5
  7. Click Start
  8. Your computer is now going to go through the process of downloading Extensify onto your device so do not touch it until it is complete
  9. When the installation has finished, you will see the Extensify icon on your home screen and you can begin to use it extensify_ios_10_safari0

How Much Does Extensify Cost ?

Extensify is free to use as are most of the Exos contained within. You may come across one or two that you have to pay for but the price will be marked clearly before you click on it and it will all depend on whether the developer is releasing the Exo as a commercial package or not.

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