Exsto – Gives iPhone Folders Radial Launch Features

iPhone screen space is at a premium and conserving it must be at or near the top of everyone’s list. Folders are one of the best ways to do this but, let’s face it, Apple hasn’t exactly gone overboard on the animation for opening the folders nor on the folder interface itself. Fortunately for all you jailbreakers out there, there is a new tweak called Exsto that breathes new life into your folders.

Image : Exsto Gives iPhone Folders Radial Launch Features

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Instead of seeing the boring blocky grid, Exsto provides you with something a bit more dynamic – a radial style app launcher. Let’s just clear one thing up – Exsto will not replace your folder interface; instead it complements it – tapping on a folder will still show you Apple’s standard interface.


To use Exsto to launch an app, simply tap and hold on the on for a folder on your Home screen and then drag your finger to the app you want to open from a radial interface. Releasing your finger will open the app. This app is a real case of practice makes perfect – with just a little patience, you will find that opening apps from folders will become much faster.


The nice thing about Exsto is that it is a dynamic app; it will automatically adjust as you add apps into a folder. To keep the radial style symmetrical, Exsto automatically spaces out the apps to keep them even. When you get a notification on an app, that specific pp will glow red so you now where the notification is coming from. Even better, when a folder is against the edge of your Dock or screen, Exsto will change to a half or a quarter circle to fit in.

There are some options for configuring Exsto to get it working how you want it. When you install the app, a preferences pane will go into your Settings app, allowing you to:

  • Enable or disable the tweak exsto3
  • Enable or disable the notification glow
  • Limit how many app icons show up in the interface
  • Configure a custom radius
  • Configure a delay for opening Exsto

Download :

Exsto is compatible with iOS 9 and iOS 8 and is available on the BigBoss repository on Cydia for just $0.99. If you want to be kept up to date with the latest iOS and jailbreak news, Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook ; we’ll send the updates straight to your inbox.

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