Eucnide – Control Center for iPhone Redesigned

Cydia tweaks for various functions of iOS are very popular now, and there are several jailbreak apps available for different uses. Whether for providing new features, rearranging existing ones or just installing a new design, many Cydia tweaks out there can help speed up and improve the user experience. Among the most popular ones are those that allow customization for the Control Center – whether it is bringing minor changes or replacing the entire Center with a better functioning one. One such app that provides innovative options to jailbreaking enthusiasts is Eucnide.

Image : Eucnide – Control Center for iPhone Redesigned

eucnide jailbreak tweak

The following features will tell you why you wouldn’t regret investing in it .

Features :

If you are looking for an app that does not provide numbered features but gives the entire Control Center a new look, Eucnide is the way to go. It works by rearranging all the options and not only giving a fresh appearance but also providing the user with greater control and customization.

  • App Switcher : Eucnide contains in it an App Switcher. If you swipe up, it will let you switch to any previously opened apps by allowing you to preview apps, open them with a single tap and close them with two taps. eucnide2
  • Music control : If you swipe up again on the App Switcher itself, you will access the music view. Here, you can easily control music by reaching the control pane with all necessary options, like play and pause. eucnide3
  • Usage with other apps : A great plus point of the app is that it can be simultaneously used with other similar tweaks, like FlipControlCenter and Polus, without causing any problems. This means that you do not have to stick to one app but can experiment with a few. If one does not have your favorite features, you can use the two together and get the best features out of them. eucnide3

While Eucnide will not completely change how the Control Center looks and operates, it certainly has the ability to make it a lot more interesting. Every view presented in the app can be changed and configured to meet your preferences. If you would like to have more control over your phone and be able to multitask better while also getting to enjoy a beautiful new view, the app is definitely worth spending a couple of dollars on . eucnide4

Download :

Although it comes for $1.99, it is worth its price since it seems to bring various useful jailbreaking functions together into one app and makes your Control Center noticeably more convenient and efficient. Free download also possible via 3rd party repo sources.

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