How to Fix Cydia Errors

Apple officially launched iOS 8.1, its latest software update, following which Pangu built a jailbreak utility for the iOS 8 series from iOS 8 till iOS 8.1. However, the jailbreak came with three errors which could have proved detrimental to its usage.

Image : Cydia Error


  • Although Pangu built the jailbreak for iOS 8, it is not useful for the users as Cydia application is not yet available with the jailbreak.
  • The Chinese team of jailbreak developers of Pangu have created only a Chinese language version of the jailbreak utility.
  • The jailbreak can only be used by those who possess a Windows operating systems. A jailbreak for Mac OS has not yet been created.

The initial version of the jailbreak had problems with the photos getting wiped off from the device. This error was immediately resolved and Pangu soon released the updated jailbreak.

Soon after the updated version of the jailbreak was released, saurik got to work and upgraded the Cydia application with the new tweaks. He also informed users about the method by which they can download the new Cydia app. Mac users were also not left behind as saurik worked out a way in which these users could also access the jailbreak and its corresponding Cydia.

  • Jailbreak your iOS 8 device using Pangu
  • Manual download and installation of Cydia
  • Jailbreak Mac systems using Pangu

Currently, saurik and Pangu have joined together to do a teamwork and integrate the latest Cydia application with the iOS 8 jailbreak. They are also working towards resolving all the problems that are associated with this jailbreak:

  • Reduced battery life
  • Supports only the Apple logo
  • Black colored screen and spinning wheel

Pangu did not admit to the faults of the jailbreak as soon as the initial version was released and updated later. It was only a while afterwards that Pangu confirmed that the jailbreak did indeed contain some issues and that they had already begun on resolving them. They have also stated that they are building a jailbreak for Mac users, but it would take a while for it to materialize. Users have also been convinced that they will get an English language version of the jailbreak in the near future. Pangu has requested the users to be considerate enough to give the team the much-needed time to get all these things working at the earliest.

Meanwhile, some developers have already taken up the opportunity to build new tweaks for the iOS 8 jailbreak while there are still more who are waiting in line.

Without doubt, the Pangu team is entitled to all the praise and compliments because of their quick turnaround in developing a jailbreak for the latest iOS, even though it may contain a few issues. The team’s dedication and hard work ensures that we can all expect an error-free jailbreak to be released very soon for the users of iOS 8 gadgets.




  1. yea, we have been waiting and he keeps pinrismog and holding for OS 5.1 then possibly OS 6, keeping doing the holding is the way to tell us he got stuck while other hackers are doing the magic with recently SAM method. Pod2G is losing his touch.

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