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Is jailbreaking finally dead ? We could be forgiven for thinking this, given the serious lack of utilities at our disposal right now.Luckily, Emus4U has stepped in to try and save the day. Emus4U is another app installer like TweakBox , AppValley, and TutuApp but this one is a little different in that offers more in the way of tweaked and modified apps and a good selection of emulators at the same time.We have had some jailbreaks released but most can only be used by a handful of users and this has left many out in the cold, with no way of using Cydia to get their apps and tweaks.

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The current jailbreak drought is not looking likely to end anytime soon and this has left us trying to find another way to customize our iOS devices and load on the content that Apple won’t let us have.

Emus4U Features :

  • Emus4U is versatile, supporting all iOS models and all iOS versions
  • It is easy to install and simple to navigate and use 
  • It offers a high level of customer support
  • It is updated weekly with the latest content
  • Several options for customizing the installer to your requirements
  • No jailbreak needed

If all that wasn’t enough, on top of the excellent choice of content, Emus4U also has a built-in screen recorder, a system for clearing any junk or temporary files off your device and a number of good themes that you can use to customize the app installer.

No Need to Jailbreak :

That is without a doubt one of the biggest features of Emus4U, the fact that it can be installed without a jailbreak. Not only does it give those of us who are unable to jailbreak access to some tweaks and apps, it also lets those who don’t want to jailbreak have a shot at getting some extra features as well.

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Emus4U will never replace Cydia but it can certainly give it a run for its money right now. It can’t offer everything that a jailbreaker wants but it can help us out and if you decide that you want to try it out, the links below will take you to all the information you need.

Let us know if you do use Emus4U and what your thoughts are on it. Or are you going to wait for another jailbreak? To stay up to date with all the latest news, follow us on Facebook .

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