Emojiant brings iOS 10 Emoji’s to iOS 9

Jailbreakers the world over look forward to every new utility that is released, simply so that they can get down to customizing and modifying their iOS devices to work the way they want them to. One of the main stock apps that users want more features on is the Messages app and, with iOS 10 download [ext link] it seems that Apple is, at long last, providing us with what we want. One of the features they are including is giant emojis.

Image : Emojiant Tweak

emojiant cydia tweak download

If you really don’t want to wait a few more weeks for iOS 10 to be released so you can get these giant emojis, provided you have installed PPHelper jailbreak, you can download a brand new tweak called Emojiant. PPHelper is compatible with Cydia iOS 9.3.3 to iOS 9.2 and, if you haven’t got it you can get to download links and a full step by step tutorial at the given link. Later on, we will tell how to get Emojiant once you have jailbroken your device.

Features of Emojiant :

Emojiant comes to us from one of the most well known of all the Cydia tweak developers, Ryan Petrich. Petrich is responsible for tweaks like Activator and DisplayRecorder and this one could prove to be just as popular.

  • Emojiant will let you send your contact giant emojis, like the new feature in iOS 10 emojiant_screen
  • Provided you send the emoji without any accompanying text it will show up in its giant version
  • This will work for one or more emojis but, as soon as you add text to the message, they will revert to their usual size.
  • If you receive an iMessage or SMS with an emoji and you have the tweak installed, the emoji will appear larger. If you send them to someone who does not have the tweak installed, they will only be able to see them at the usual size

Emojiant is only going to work with the stock Messages app in the same way that the feature in iOS 10 will work. The emojis will only show up as giant when you send or receive an SMS or iMessage and you have Emojiant installed.

How to Get Emojiant :

First you must jailbreak your device and you will then need to add a new repository to Cydia. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Tap on the Cydia icon to open it
  2. Tap on Sources at the bottom of the screencydia ios 9 source add
  3. Tap on Edit > Add cyda_ios_9_repo_source0
  4. Type in this to the box – http://rpetri.ch/repo
    ryan petrich repo source

When Cydia has finished installing the repo, you can go into and search for Emojiant, downloading it on to your device in the normal way. You do not need to configure the tweak and it will work as soon as it is installed.

If giant emojis appeal to you, head over to Cydia now and download Emojiant. If you want to be kept informed of more tweaks like this one, Subscribe to our free email newsletter and follow us on Facebook.

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