Enable Government Emergency Alerts on iPhone

Amongst all of the new features that have appeared in iOS 7, one stands out, perhaps because it is an extremely loud alert.  It’s called AMBER, which stands for America’s Missing: Broadcasting Emergency Response for Child Abduction Emergency [link Wikipedia].  It’s the result of work that Apple has done, with mobile carriers, to pass Government Alerts on to mobile users.

Image : Amber Alert Setting on iOS 7
amber alerts

The alerts range from natural disasters to missing persons, basically anything that can cause loss of life or injury and damage to property.  The feature is also known as CAE – Child Abduction Emergency – and alerts of any kind are sent via SMS to all phones that have the feature enabled.

As mentioned before, the alert is loud and, for some people, perhaps too loud, Unfortunately, there is no way of controlling the volume of the alert, possibly because they are designed to be a warning system and the idea is to be able to hear them.  They are meant to grab your attention, straight away.  However, some people prefer to turn them off so, if you are one of those, here’s how:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap on Notification Center (just Notifications in iOS 6) settings notification centre ios 7 iphone 5
  3. Down the bottom of the list you will find Government Alerts
  4. Tap on it and disable AMBER Alerts and Emergency Alerts
  5. This will stop most alerts from making their way on to your phone.  The exception to this is vitally urgent ones such as huge large-scale disasters

To be honest, as annoying as the alert may be, it really is not recommended for you to switch them off.  They are meant to inform you of something potentially dangerous and life threatening that could be happening near to you.  In the case of weather alerts, these could be real lifesavers, especially if you are on the road and heading towards a potential disaster zone.

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