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Are you among those users who use their iPhone for calling a lot ? Do you do a lot of calling and require to keep track of the calls properly? Or do you just want to easily distinguish between the received and dialled calls? If yes, then the stock iOS is not very good at that.

Image : Elite App Download from Cydia for Customization on iOS

elite cydia tweak download

When you go to the Phone app and open up the Recents tab, you can notice that the missed calls are indicated in the red color, while all the other received or dialled calls are indicated by the black color. So you cannot distinguish between dialled and received calls right away in one look, as they both are indicated in the same color.

You can only differentiate between outgoing and incoming calls by looking at the icon that is given next to the call. This can be a bit inconvenient for many users, as it would have been much easier if the iOS had different colored icons for incoming and outgoing calls. It’s an important detail that Apple missed to see. However, jailbreak app developers are known to bring in amazing tweaks to resolve the shortcomings of stock iOS. And in this case too, we have got a perfect jailbreak tweak to solve this problem and make things more easier for those who use calls a lot. A new jailbreak tweak called Elite has been released for solving this problem.

Image : New Elite Coloured Calls for iOS


Features of Elite Cydia App :

  • Elite colorizes the outgoing and incoming calls, making it easier to distinguish between them.
  • In the Recents tab, all the incoming calls get colored in blue by the tweak, while the outgoing calls get a green color.
  • The icon beside the calls will remain the same as usual.
  • The blue and green colors make it very easy to identify whether the call has been received or dialled by you.
  • The missed calls will get the red color as usual.
  • No additional configurations needed. You just need to install the tweak and it will do the rest.

Download :

Elite is truly a very useful tweak and makes browsing through the recent calls and identifying them easier. So in case you make a lot of calls everyday and would like to keep a track of all the received calls and dialled calls properly, then Elite is a must try for you. The best part is that you can get Elite for Free from the BigBoss repo in Cydia .

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