Edge – Galaxy S7 Like Slide Gesture on iPhone

For those tech lovers out there who love the look and feel of android devices, but at the same time, want the security and quality of Apple products, emerges a new tweak available in the Cydia’s BigBoss Repo that serves as a palatable crossover between camps. Edge, is a tweak that allows for a sidebar style menu, common to the Samsung Galaxy S7 , to pop up by implementing a slide gesture on the iPhone screen.

Image : Edge gives Samsung Galaxy S7 Like Slide Gesture on iPhone

edge cydia tweak-

Features :

  • When Edge is installed, you can swipe right on your device and bring up a new menu of shortcuts
  • Recently used appsedge_recent_tweak
  • Task shortcutsgalaxy_s7_edge_like_tweak_1
  • Contact shortcuts edge_people
  • Or a custom app list

Edge also creates a pane in the iOS settings menu

Settings Features :

  • A quick Enable | Disable option edge_cydia_tweak_1
  • Page selection options for the edge menu
  • Configuration of a custom invoke gesture and area that responds edge_cydia_tweak_2
  • Hiding empty app spaces in the menu
  • Enable | Disable options for multi colored shortcuts

Other functions are available in Edge as well. Not only can apps be brought up but actions too. For example, you can select to include “start a slow motion video recording” as one of the Edge quick choices. This doesn’t take you to the video screen, it actually commands the phone to begin a recording, which is a huge convenience. I like the idea that it skips retrieval of the video app and goes right to its function. I think of all the funny/frustrating moments that I experience while driving and would love to record but don’t because I know it will be over before I am able to get through the process of getting a video recording set up. Not to mention, the danger involved in looking away from the road long enough to start that process. Edge is a useful app and quite worth the price.

Download :

Edge is available in the BigBoss Repo for $1.99 in Cydia. I am a fan of this app, not for its likeness to similar Android functions, but for its utility. iOS does not really have a comparable function save for the highlights option left of the home screen. Even that though is amuck with news blurbs and such, which I understand are editable. But all in all, I feel like it is a great option to have a simple, swipe invoked interface that you can set to your preferences as you know what you are more likely to use.

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