Eclipse 2 – Dark iPhone Theme

Jailbreaking is loved all around the world for one reason – it gives your iOS device the chance to taste new features and customization options which Apple does not provide in stock iOS. Jailbreaking gives you the freedom to install whatever you want and customize your device as per your liking without Apple coming your way and stopping you from downloading apps anywhere other than the App Store.

Image : Eclipse 2 Cydia App

eclipse 2 cydia tweak

Cydia brings us a lot of tweaks [ext link] that add simply great features to our iPhones and iPads, but most of the people jailbreak their device to change the appearance of iOS. The inner customization of the iOS user interface is what many people desire, and there are a lot of tweaks which offer to change the color, the look, or the animation scheme of the different elements in iOS, like the Home screen, the App Switcher, the battery indicator, etc.

However, what if the whole iOS environment could go into a night mode ? Well, the Eclipse jailbreak tweak has provided this really cool customization option to jailbroken iOS devices, and the tweak was loved so much that the recently released Eclipse 2.0 was imminent. This version 2.0 of the Eclipse tweak brings support for iOS 8 and lets jailbreakers customize iOS to their heart’s content.

Features :

  • As its name might suggest, the Eclipse 2.0 tweak lets you customize the appearance of the whole iOS interface by changing it to a dark mode to subdue the bright white elements. eclipse2-3
  • It not only works as a true dark mode, but it also allows users to choose other colors too to change the hue of the white elements as per their personal taste to make it look gaudy, lovely, sober, etc.  eclipse2-2
  • The dark mode of the Eclipse 2.0 tweak makes it easy for you to use your iPhone or iPad in the dark. So the next time you use your iOS device in bed with the lights off, the dark mode will save your eyes from getting strained too much due to the bright white interface. eclipse2-4

How to Download Eclipse 2.0

In case you have already bought the earlier version of Eclipse, you can update to Eclipse 2.0 for free. In case you will be buying it for the first time, you can get download it for just $0.99 from the BigBoss repo using this guide. You can also use 3rd party repo’s to get the tweak for free.

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