EasyClear – Clear Notifications with 3D Touch

Apple has bestowed the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus with a new feature called 3D Touch Display, which means that the phones come with a Pressure Sensitive Screen. This allows you to perform various quick actions by touching the display with varying amount of pressure for invoking different shortcuts or actions. Basically, 3D Touch gives you the pleasure of doing things the shortcut way, and luckily for jailbreak users, a lot of 3D Touch Jailbreak Tweaks make smart use of the feature.

Image : EasyClear to Remove Notifications with 3D Touch

tweak easyclear

EasyClear is a new jailbreak tweak that lets you clear all notifications on your iPhone or iPad with 3D Touch. All the notifications including the Notification Center notifications and app icon badges are cleared by this tweak. Let’s take a quick look at the features of the tweak.

Features :

  • EasyClear helps you clear all the notifications throughout iOS with a simple 3D Touch gesture. easyclear2
  • Here’s how it works. When you do a 3D Touch press on an app icon, it opens up the Quick Actions menu. You can see that a new “Clear Notifications” option comes up in the list. Choosing that option clears all the notifications for that specific app.  easyclear4 (1)
  • Double tapping on the notification header clears notifications for an app in the Notification Center. Doing a 3D Touch anywhere else in the Notification Center clears all the notifications, and you can use the same gesture on the Lock screen as well for clearing up the notifications there.
  • Even though EasyClear might seem like a small tweak, it does come with a lot of preferences that let you customize the tweak according to your preferences. You can disable/enable the tweak, set a custom 3D Touch gesture to clear notifications, turn on/off gestures for device without 3D Touch, etc. easyclear3
  • The preference pane of the tweak offers you options to disable/enable the Clear All button on the Lock and Home screen by doing a swipe-up. You can even disable the haptic feedback that the device provides when you press the Clear All button.
  • You can set an Activator gesture to invoke the Clear All button. easyclear1

Download :

EasyClear is a simple yet a very powerful tweak and comes with a long list of preferences. It is easy to use and adds more cool features to the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus to make sure that the 3D Touch feature becomes more useful. You can download EasyClear from the BigBoss repo in Cydia for $1.49. You can get it for free too through 3rd party repo sources.

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